Andrews Principal returns to job

Andrews Elementary School Principal Ben McIntyre has returned to work after being subject to a pair of investigations the past two months.

District officials said McIntyre was deemed to have violated a number of board policies. They also said he did not perform certain job duties and violated his employment contract. The allegations are based on results of a district investigation into Title IX and workplace misconduct allegations.

Nonetheless, McIntyre was approved to return to his job for the remainder of the academic year.

Board president Erin Nowak said McIntyre has the ability to exercise better judgment going forward and had an unblemished disciplinary record prior to the complaints.

McIntyre had been on administrative leave since February prior to his reinstatement. McIntyre has been principal of Andrews since 2015.

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  1. He had multiple violations not only of policy, but of his job duties and his contract, despite years on the job, but they’re going to let is slide? Because they trust he won’t violate policy, job duties or his contract again? And all these violations and failures remain hidden to the public because it’s none of our business…
    Great system. Great lessons they’re giving our students.

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