Out and About for June 10th 2008

To those of you interested in the True/False quiz from last week, the answer is TRUE for all of the statements. The thought of eating a spider might just keep me awake at night.

Unless you’ve been camping out in a cave somewhere and have not had access to a newspaper or radio, you are very much aware that the 52nd Annual Water Festival gets underway this Thursday. The population of Three Rivers increases tremendously over the three days of celebration, so we should all remember to be on our best behavior and make sure that newcomers are made to feel welcome. Let’s try to make sure that every visitor has a memorable time and leaves Saturday night wanting to return. We can all be ambassadors of this wonderful town. All you need is a warm greeting and a smile.

Monday, June 16, marks the start of the St. Joe County Transportation Authority’s “Circle Line” here in Three Rivers. The CTA already has a Sturgis Circle Line in operation, and it’s becoming more popular every day. The Circle Line bus will follow a regular route around town, departing every two hours from each stop. The fare is one dollar every time you climb on board. Regular bus or van service will still be available for those needing curb-to-curb service in town. The Circle Line will not stop at your home, but will make stops at various points within the city limits. Here, in order, are the stops the Circle Line will make:

  1. Heartland Health Care
  2. Commission on Aging/Library
  3. Three Rivers Health Complex (Includes hospital area and Health TRAC)
  4. Meijer Store
  5. Wal-Mart
  6. Save-A-Lot
  7. Riverside Church
  8. East parking lot behind downtown stores
  9. TR Rural Clinic and TR High School
  10. TR Middle School
  11. Riverside Townhomes (pickup area off Hov Aire Drive)
  12. Hoppin Elementary School at Bennett Street
  13. North Main Plaza (Wash King, Liner Men, etc)
  14. Michigan Works/I-MED

These locations are all subject to change, along with the times. Each stop will be from three to five minutes. Service will start at 6 A.M., and the last drop will be between 4 and 6 P.M. This schedule will change as ridership increases. You may check this column for future updates. For more information, phone the CTA at 273-7808 or 800-964-5700.

The Three Rivers Lions Club Service Center is available for rent. A perfect venue for a graduation, anniversary or birthday party, the center has a full kitchen available, with tables and chairs in a large dining area. A small dance floor is also available. If you have a group of 100 or less, this might be just the place you’re looking for. For more information or to reserve a date, call Dean at 273-8092.

Congratulations to all 2008 high school graduates. As you venture out into the real world, please don’t forget Three Rivers. It’s a place we like to think of as “home”.

Get Out and About, and we’ll see you at Water Festival.

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