Out and About for June 24th, 2008

We’re in sort of a lull right now in Three Rivers. It’s rather peaceful and quiet. Water Festival is over for another year, and Harmon Fest is still a couple of months away. The Players Theatre on Millard is “dark”, now that the Apple Crate Kids have had their production of Seussical Jr..  Oh, there’s still plenty to do, but not much that is really going to  grab your attention.  For that reason, I’m going to suggest a few things you might consider doing by yourself or as a family.

1. Visit Scidmore Park and the petting zoo.
2. Take a stroll along the scenic river walk.
3. Visit Meyer Broadway Park, a wonderful place to walk or ride a bicycle.
4. Go swimming or fishing in one of the many lakes that surround the Three Rivers area.
5. Go canoeing or kayaking on the Portage, Rocky or St. Joe Rivers.
6. Have a family picnic in one of the shelters at Scidmore Park.

July 4 is a week from Friday. Plan to attend a parade in one of the nearby towns, Schoolcraft to the north or Constantine to the south.  Check the Commercial-News for a listing of communities having fireworks.

Senior citizens of St. Joe County, pay attention to this. A Nintendo Wii (wee) video game system is coming to a senior center near you. The St. Joseph County Commission on Aging has authorized the purchase of three Wii systems for use at senior centers in Three Rivers, Sturgis and White Pigeon/Constantine. A senior center in Hoover, Alabama reports that the use of such a system has been very successful and popular with its senior citizens. Bowling, boxing and  golf are just examples of some of the things that the system includes.

While I’m on the subject of senior citizens and the Commission on Aging, here are just a couple of ways that the COA can help you:

Hot meals arrive at noon on weekdays to your home. Weekend meals are also available on a needs basis. To qualify, you must be homebound, 60 years of age or older, handicapped, or the spouse of an eligible person. Donation rates are determined at the time of the in-home assessment. Meals are available to younger homebound persons for the full cost of the meal.

Home repair covers the permanent improvement to an older person’s home to prevent or remedy a substandard condition or safety hazard. Eligibility for the home repair is any persons 60 or older who reside in their own homes. The client must pay 25% of the total cost of repair. Proof of insurance, up to date property taxes, proof of ownership or a recorded mortgage or land contract are necessary.

Summer officially started this past weekend. Let’s not let this nice weather pass us by. Take advantage of the many FREE things there are to do in and around Three Rivers. If you work hard, make sure you take time to play hard and enjoy life.

See you Out and About.

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