Out and About for July 8th, 2008

Before I forget, I mentioned last week that I would provide more information on the Summer Full of Art at the Carnegie Center for the Arts. I also mentioned that if you were interested in Session I, you must register by July 7 and that was yesterday. I will therefore still list the classes available, but they will be for Session II, which starts July 28. If I haven’t already confused you, then please read on.

Let me mention first the classes for those aged three to five. The cost for these classes is $40, and they include Art Smart, Creative Movement, and Creatures in My Backyard.

Classes for six to eight-year-olds include, Inspired by Nature, My Home Place, Drawing and Painting Live Animals and Beginning Sculpture. The cost for any one of these classes is also $40.

Classes for nine to eleven-year olds include Pottery, Sculpture Creations, Basic Black and White Photography, Music Recorder Class, Polymer Clay, Junk Jewelry and Actors’ Studio. The cost for any one of these classes is $60.

Classes for students over the age of eleven include Watercolor: Playing with Paint, Chalk Walk, Advanced Black and White Photography, Advanced Sculpture, Advanced Inspired by Nature, Cartooning, Advanced Polymer Clay, and Advanced Pottery. Cost for any one of these classes is $60. I don’t have the space to describe these classes in detail, so your best bet would be to contact the Carnegie in person. They are located at 107 North Main in Three Rivers. Their phone number is still 273-8882.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. By looking at me, it’s not hard to believe that ice cream is my favorite dessert. I enjoy sorbet, because it is pretty much fat- free. I also enjoy a chocolate dipped cone. Not fat-free, but it sure does taste good. There isn’t a thing out there that is good for you and tastes delicious. Ice cream is not bad for you as long as you don’t overdo it.  A once- or twice-a-week helping will make you want to live longer. At least long enough to have another helping of ice cream next week. LA’s Coffee Cafe will celebrate their tenth anniversary before you know it. Since their opening, they have tried many things, as far as their menu is concerned. If it worked out, they added it to their menu. Here’s Leslie and Jerry’s newest idea: ICE CREAM. They  researched it, discussed it, and then invested in a freezer. Within a week or so, you’ll  be able to check out their ice cream menu. This is not an advertisement for LA’s; it’s just some free and friendly advice to check it out.

The Target Area Development Corporation is something you’re going to hear more about as time goes on. Right now, they are planning several “Get-Out-The-Vote 2008 Campaign Drives”. These will be done in the form of District Block Parties. The first party is this Saturday, July12, at 819 S. Main Street, here in Three Rivers from 1 to 5 P.M. They will have basketball, hot dogs and musical talent. One of the highlights of this event is the opportunity visit the dunk tank and dunk the second district commissioner. If you’d like to help out or just want more information, please call Lolita Foster at 279-1829 or 599-9173. If you’d like to talk with Diane Clay, she can be reached at 718-9436. This would also be the perfect opportunity to register to vote.

Also this Saturday, the Three Rivers High School Vocal Music Department will have a car wash at the Three Rivers Fire Station starting at 9 A.M. Get your car washed and donate to this very worthy cause.Your parents would be proud.

Don’t be a couch potato, get yourself Out and About!

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