Out and About – Week of May 18

┬áThere’s a note at the bottom of this column every week. It states that we are the proud parents of more than one cat. I was going to use the term “owner”, but as everyone knows, no one owns a cat. The cat owns us. We couldn’t be happier as a family. Meezer never asks to borrow the car, and Dixie never stays out past her curfew. Actually, our cats never leave the house. This brings up a topic that is very important to me as far as pet ownership is concerned. I feel that if you take on the responsibility of having a pet, you should take that responsibility seriously. It warms my heart to see a family Out and About walking the family dog. A pet should be as much a member of a loving family as anyone possibly could be. It angers me to see a dog or cat running loose in the neighborhood, because some owner doesn’t care. It saddens me to see a dog or cat lying dead beside the road, because of an ignorant owner. A responsible parent knows where their child is at any given moment. The same should be said of the family pet. Everyday, Animal Control deals with dogs and cats that have been discarded by people who just didn’t care anymore. Kudos go out to the volunteers at Animal Control in Centreville and accolades to the members of the Animal Rescue Fund (ARF).

On a happier note, the 20th Annual Special Olympics Golf Outing will take place on Thursday, June 11, at Pine View Golf Club on Pulver Road, north of Three Rivers. The reason for mentioning this so early is the registration deadline of June 6. That’s D-Day plus 65 years. I’ll mention this again as the time draws closer, but it’s important to know that the entry fee is $70 per player, which includes golf, cart and dinner. For an extra dinner, the cost is $15. There will be plenty of raffle prizes and drawings and you must be present for these drawings in order to win. The Three Rivers Commercial-News, Wal-Mart, and Pine View Golf Club sponsor this fun-filled outing. For further information or questions, call Karen Randall at (269)467-5416.

The 53rd Annual Three Rivers Water Festival continues to draw closer with each passing day. The Classic Car, Truck and Motorcycle Show on Saturday, June 20, promises to be a true crowd pleaser. A special attraction this year, thanks to Armstrong International and the Riviera Theatre, will be the showing of American Graffiti at the newly remodeled Riviera Theatre. Showtime is 11 A.M. during the car show. Remember Suzanne Somers, Ronnie Howard, Harrison Ford, and Richard Dreyfus? Join them as they take you back to 1962. This movie fits in perfectly with this year’s festival theme of “TR Goes Hollywood”. Advance tickets and tickets at the door will be $5, with a discounted price for car show registrants. Tickets are available at the Three Rivers Area Chamber of Commerce, 57 North Main, Three Rivers, and at the Riviera Theatre.

The end of the school year is fast approaching. You have three more chances to enjoy the talent of the Three Rivers High School Music Department. May 21 is the Vocal Music Department Pops Concert, May 26 is the Instrumental Music’s Orchestra Concert, and May 28 is the Instrumental Department’s Band Concert. All performances take place at the High School Performing Arts Center and begin promptly at 7 P.M.

Here’s a final word on the Water Festival before I wrap this up. The St. Joe County Transportation Authority will provide a Circle Line bus on Saturday, June 20 for FREE rides on the Circle Line in Three Rivers. The bus will operate from 7 A.M. until 5 P.M. If you’ve never ridden the Three Rivers Circle Line, you’ll be surprised just how much you get for $1.

Get off that couch and join me as we get Out and About.

by Norm Stutesman

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