Out and About – Week of June 8th

     I’ve noticed over the past couple of weeks that some folks seem to be unaware that Water Festival happens this week. I don’t expect everyone to possess the interest that I have, but you’d think that, with all the newspaper and radio publicity that’s been out there lately, more would be aware of the fact that this week the months of planning that go into Water Festival finally come to a head. It’s now up to Mother Nature to do her part to make it successful.

     When I think of Chicago, quite a few things pop into my head, such as da Cubs, da Bears, busy expressways with impatient drivers, and, of course, fantastic sandwiches and pizza. I love the Three Rivers area, but I miss some of the Chicago food specialties. My worries are over. Remember R. Stanley’s? This eating establishment on South Main in Three Rivers has been vacant far too long. Good news! Lorenzo and Grover Thornton realized a need for a restaurant where you could sample some of the tastes of Chicago. Uncle Rhemus’s should open around the middle of this month. A few of their specialties include Italian Beef, burgers, chicken, fish, shrimp, ribs, and a variety of salads. All sandwiches will come with fries, and they will have plenty of side orders from which to choose. Lorenzo claims that their Chicago-style hot dog is the best you’ll find this side of the Illinois state line. Uncle Rhemus’s will close on Mondays; otherwise, their hours are from 11 A.M. to 8 P.M.  You can dine in or arrange for carryout. Oh yes, they are a non-smoking restaurant. Watch for their opening announcement coming soon.

     Gray’s Community Band will be a part of the 53rd Annual Three Rivers Water Festival this week. Their performance takes place Saturday at 3 P.M. in the Community Tent in Scidmore Park. The concert will include a special performance by Mark Beams, a junior from Vicksburg High School who is the winner of the John Bradford $500 scholarship. This concert will be the final concert of the season, but they will start back up in late August or early September. Director Andrew Hagenbuch invites anyone interested in joining the band to call (269)244-1014 for more information.

     The Carnegie Center for the Arts is proud to announce Mary and Taylor Snow as co-chairs for the 2009 Friends of the Carnegie campaign. This drive will kick off on Friday, June 26 at 5:01 P.M. with a party at the Carnegie catered by A Place in Time. Matt Chambers and Michael Northrop will provide musical entertainment. The Snows, the Three Rivers  Lions Club 2008 Citizens of the Year, have been very active in the community since their return in 1985. Taylor was mayor for one term and is now active in Glen Oaks Community College and the Three Rivers Rotary Club. Mary plays a very active role in the Three Rivers Woman’s Club, and you’ll see her with the rest of the club in front of the old hospital during the Water Festival, serving some of the best tasting pies in the state. Mary helps make many of the dozens of pies available through the Woman’s Club. The Carnegie Center for the Arts, along with the Riviera Theatre, bring a variety of cultural, musical, and artistic events to the Three Rivers community. Both are great venues at which one can get Out and About. Everyone is invited to stop at the Carnegie and help get this campaign off to a great start.

     Here’s one final safety reminder concerning the Water Festival. While watching the Friday evening parade, please keep an eye on the children. Please don’t let them wander into the street. Safety is number one every minute of every day.

     See you Out and About at the Water Festival!

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