Out and About – Week of June 29

     The Fourth of July is Saturday. You might want to do as I’m planning to do and  top off the car’s gas tank today or tomorrow. I’m not speculating, but I’d put money on the fact that gas prices will jump up significantly before Saturday. It’s called “greed”, and it runs rampant among the oil companies.

      Some of my biggest heroes are volunteers. The world could not exist without them. I try my best to volunteer as much as possible myself. The Commission on Aging (COA) is always in need of volunteers. Hours of need are Monday through Friday from 9 A.M. to 2 P.M., and you can choose your days and hours. A few of the jobs needing volunteers include receptionist assistant, piano player, a shopper for Bingo prizes, manicurist, hair stylist, newsletter assembler, and someone to deliver magazines. If you’re interested in volunteering at the Constantine or Three Rivers site, contact the COA at (269)279-8083.

      The Red Hat Ladies usually make their presence known at community events. Their purpose is to gather as a group and have the most fun they can without getting too rowdy. It’s a very difficult thing to do, but they have the times of their lives trying. The Three Rivers Senior Center will start their own ladies’ group, similar to the Red Hats. They will be known as the Blue Bonnet Babes. It will be their own social club and they are looking for ladies who are interested in planning fun events and fun adventures. Those interested should contact Betty Persons at the Three Rivers site. Phone 279-8083 and ask for Betty.

      Betty Persons loves to stay busy, and she is doing so by offering a new experience in knitting. It’s fun and easy and, most importantly, there isn’t any experience required to join the “Knifty Knitters”. The class meets on Mondays from 1:30 to 3 P.M. at the Three Rivers Center. There is no cost for the, class, and any type of yarn will be accepted as a donation.

      Here’s an activity for anyone suffering from various chronic conditions. The Southern Michigan Diabetes Outreach Network will sponsor a six-week workshop that teaches practical skills for living a healthy life with an ongoing health problem. A Personal Action Towards Health (PATH) Workshop will be conducted at the Three Rivers Community Health Agency, 1110 Hill Street, Three Rivers, on Wednesdays from 1 to 3:30 P.M., from July 8 through August 12. The workshop is designed to complement your current medical treatment. To make this even more enticing, it’s FREE. To register for the workshop, call Southern Michigan Diabetes Outreach Network, at 800-795-7800.

      My friend Vic offers some trivia questions for those over 50 years young. I’ll provide the answers in next week’s column. Try these on for size:

  1. In the 1940s, where were car headlight dimmer switches located?
  2. Why was having milk delivered a problem in northern winters?
  3. What postwar car turned automotive design on its ear when people couldn’t tell whether it was coming or going?

      Please don’t fret. The Three Rivers Circle Line is alive and well. The St. Joe County Transportation Authority has been using the more common white buses for the Circle Line, while minor adjustments are made on the unique green buses normally used for Circle Line transportation in Three Rivers. Buses being used for the Circle Line have a sign posted in the windows on both sides of the bus.

      Those driving over the Fourth of July weekend might remember: He who comes forth with a fifth on the Fourth, may not come forth on the fifth.

       Be safe, and I’ll see you Out and About.

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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