Out and About – Week of September 28th

     The 2009 St. Joseph County Grange Fair is now in the books. From everything that I’ve heard, it was quite successful. Everyone appreciated  the fact that it started a day earlier than normal, and no one seemed to complain about the little amount of rain that fell during the week. After all, what would the fair be like if we didn’t have some rain?

      This Friday evening, October 2, Paw Paw comes to Armstrong Field to play our undefeated Wildcats. It’s Homecoming, and Paw Paw would like nothing more than to beat the Cats and put a damper on Homecoming. This Wildcat says, “It ain’t gonna happen!” Here’s my plan. The Homecoming parade steps off right around 5 P.M. near the intersection of North Main and Kelsey Street in Three Rivers. The First United Methodist Church is located at this intersection. Starting at 4:30, the church will serve homemade soup and sloppy joes. The cost is $6 for adults and $3 for children. After eating, you can watch the Homecoming Parade as it works its way down Main Street to Michigan Avenue and then turns east and ends up at Armstrong Field.  I figure you’ve accomplished two things and saved yourself some valuable time. You’ve eaten a tasty meal, you’ve supported a church, and you’ve been entertained by a parade with an award-winning marching band. What more could you possibly want? I’d like to see the Three Rivers Wildcats increase their winning streak to 6 and 0. With the fans’ support, this can be done.

       The Animal Rescue Fund (ARF) will hold its 12th Annual Walk-A-Thon “FUNd” Raising Event, Saturday, October 10, at Meyer-Broadway Park near Three Rivers. The walkers will begin walking between 10 and 11 A.M. at the park. Those wishing to walk must register prior to walking and submit a $10 registration fee. Prizes will be awarded to top donation collectors. Donations are to be collected as a straight donation and not on a per-mile basis. To register, you may stop by Beam Sound & Video, 1125 W. Michigan Avenue in Three Rivers, or just contact any ARF member. You are also invited to visit ARF’s website at www.ARFund.org. If you’d like more information, or if you’d like to schedule an interview with ARF’s president, Lynda Molter, please call (269)273-1238 and Deb Schull will be happy to assist you. This walk-a-thon’s purpose is to raise funds to assist animals in St. Joseph County. If you’ve always wanted to have a family dog or cat, I’d strongly recommend checking with Animal Control in Centreville. There are so many animals looking for a friendly home. All they have to offer in return is unending love and devotion.

       The staff at the St. Joseph County Transportation Authority has asked me to remind all of you that they are here to serve EVERYONE in St. Joe County. You do NOT need to be a senior citizen or one who is mentally or physically challenged in order to ride. You just need to be someone with a destination in mind. For more information, call (269)273-7308 or 1-800-964-5700.

       Do you have questions about Dementia? They can be answered this evening at the Three Rivers Community Center, 103 South Douglas, Three Rivers. Dr. Nadeem Mirza will address the difference between normal forgetfulness and dementia. What are the risk factors for dementia? How is it diagnosed and treated? These are just a couple of the topics to be discussed. The presentation is FREE and starts at 6:30 P.M. There is no registration required.

        See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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