Out and About – Week of Nov. 30th

This is December 1, and the pressure is off. The 2009 football season for the Three Rivers Wildcats is over, and what a season it was. We went all the way to Ford Field in Detroit. Unfortunately, the Marshall Redhawks also went to Ford Field, and that was the problem. I’m pretty sure we would have done better playing the Detroit Lions or the Cleveland Browns. The Wimberly brothers, along with the rest of the Redhawks, went to Ford Field to win, and they did just that. Like noses, everyone has their opinion, and mine is that the Wildcats were outweighed. They grow their boys big in Marshall, and they all play football. Aaron Spence and company went to Ford Field with a 13-0 season. They went with the talent and spirit to win. They also went with the support of many fans, fans who are extremely proud of their Wildcats. Eight high school teams played for a championship trophy on Friday. Only four teams took home a trophy. The Three Rivers Wildcats came home champions, but without a trophy. The Wildcats know how to win and fortunately, they know how to lose like champions. You don’t need a trophy to show that you have character, integrity, and pride. This writer is very proud of the Wildcats’ exciting and successful season. Thank you for the ride.

You now have 24 more shopping days until Christmas. It all started last Friday, which has come to be known as “Black Friday”. I hope that those of you who ventured out before breakfast on that day had fun and came away with some fantastic bargains. As for me, I woke up at 5 A.M. and went to work. I’ll do my Christmas shopping in 23 days.

The Christmas holidays are on just about everyone’s mind and will remain so for the next several weeks. This is especially true for members of the Three Rivers Fire Department. “Firefighters for Santa” is the name of this local project, and local firefighters are already well into planning this second annual event. It all comes together on Christmas Eve, December 24, at 3 P.M. At this time, the tornado siren will be activated and will signal the start of this giving back to the community project, focusing on those most in need of some Holiday spirit. From 3 until 9 P.M., twelve firefighters, plus numerous volunteers, will visit approximately 60 homes in the Three Rivers area distributing food and gifts to those who otherwise might not have a joyous Holiday season. If you were to ask a firefighter why they do this, she or he would probably reply, “Because it needs to be done. It’s our way of giving back to the community.”

The firefighters don’t do this alone. Local companies and some generous merchants work with them to make it happen. Collection boxes are located at City Hall, Armstrong International and Century 21 Real Estate, if anyone has toys or non-perishable food that they would like to donate. Oh yes, money is also greatly appreciated. Checks may be dropped off at City Hall. Make the checks payable to “Firefighters for Santa”. There isn’t a gift out there that would give you any greater satisfaction than one that would help the firefighters in this very worthwhile community project. The firefighters, paramedics, and EMTs do so much for the Three Rivers community. I think it’s our turn to return the favor. Remember, it’s better to give than to receive.

Make We Merry happens this Friday and Saturday evenings, December 4 and 5, at 7:30. The venue is the Three Rivers High School Performing Arts Center in Three Rivers. Tickets are available at Beam Sound and Video, 1115 West Michigan Avenue, Three Rivers. Prices are $10 for reserved seating and $9 general admission. If you purchase tickets at the door, you’ll pay $10. Phone (269)279-6251 for information or tickets.

See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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