Out and About – Week of Feb. 1st

Welcome to the month of February. My feeling is that we’ve been blessed with a rather mild winter so far. Oh sure, we’ve had a couple wintry storms, but this is Michigan, and we’re in St. Joe County. We miss a lot of bad weather and allow those counties north and west of us handle the really nasty stuff.

In case you hadn’t heard, Haiti had an earthquake about a month ago, and we’ve been assisting them with medical supplies, household items and just a bit of financial assistance. This is very nice of us to help those people. Americans have a reputation of helping those less fortunate and we should pat ourselves on the back for being there in time of need. Last week I mentioned Domestic and Sexual Abuse Services (DASAS). I listed some items that they could use, and I’d like to mention this one more time, just in case you might have forgotten how much in need they are also. They need:

1.Baby juice/baby food and baby formula:

2.60-watt light bulbs and energy efficient bulbs:

3.Batteries – all sizes, but especially AA, AAA, and 9-volt:

4.Paper products (paper towels and toilet paper):

5.Pre-paid phone cards.

I could mention many more items, but I think you might get the idea. There is limited space at the shelter, so you should contact the following resources to donate these items, plus used clothing:

1.The Free Store………….7 North Main Street……………….(269)244-5607

2.The County Closet…….901 S. Main Street…………………(269)279-6183

3.Goodwill Industries…..58778 U.S. 131……………………..(269)279-5375

These three locations are all located in Three Rivers and would be very happy to see you walk through their door with some much-needed donations. I think it’s great that we are helping those citizens of Haiti, but we must not forget those in our own neighborhood. Together, we are unstoppable.

In five months we’ll be busy attending the annual Water Festival. There will be a press release telling all about it appearing soon in this newspaper. Soon, you’ll see decorated coffee cans at several restaurants in the Three Rivers area. They will be near the cash registers, and you are invited to drop your loose change into these containers. Believe it or not, your donation helps more than you know. The Water Festival committee has already started to plan this year’s event and, as always, you won’t be disappointed. However, the committee needs your help this year more than ever. I’ve heard rumors that we are in some sort of recession and that times are hard economically. We are all working to stay ahead or even just keep our heads above water. We work hard, and we enjoy the time when we can relax and play a little. The Water Festival provides us with a time for fun and relaxation. Let’s fill those coffee cans with some money, and a good time will be had by all.

The 15th Annual Empty Bowls Soup Supper is this Thursday, February 4, from 5 to 7 P.M., in the Three Rivers High School Cafeteria. You may treat yourself and the family to some hot soup, bread, beverage, and a dessert of your choice. The cost of the soup supper is your donation. Before or after supper, you can check out the handmade soup bowls on display just outside the cafeteria. They are all created and donated by first, third, and fifth graders in Three Rivers. The bowls will be available for purchase.

Congratulations go out to Maestro Joel Moore and the Three Rivers High School Aristocrats. I don’t have all the details, but it’s a fact that they just returned from a competition in Detroit and, once again, received a first-place rating. If you’ve ever seen the Aristocrats perform, this will not surprise you. They are absolutely the greatest and we are very fortunate to have them serve as musical ambassadors of Three Rivers and Three Rivers High School. Accolades and a standing ovation to each of you. You continue to make us proud.

Have a fun week, and I’ll see you Out and About.

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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