Out and About – Week of August 16th

Here’s some good news for you dog-walkers from the Three Rivers Riverside Cemetery Board. In the past, there was a rule forbidding pet owners from taking their dogs for a walk inside Riverside Cemetery. Because of the goose problem inside the cemetery, the Board, along with the city of Three Rivers, has decided to allow dogs in the cemetery on a trial basis. It seems the geese and their droppings have made the cemetery a less than desirable place to visit. Perhaps allowing the family canines to take their owners for a walk from time to time will result in the geese seeking another location for taking care of personal business. Now this is only a trial permission, and pet owners are reminded to keep their dogs on a leash; they must also pick up and dispose of anything the dog might leave behind. Pet owners have a year in which to prove to the city that the family dog is welcome at Riverside Cemetery.

AX OF MURDER opens this Thursday, August 19, at 7 P.M. at the Players’ Theatre on Millard Road, just behind Dairy Queen, in Three Rivers. This two-act production will have additional performances August 20, 21, and 22. The Thursday, Friday and Saturday performances start at 7 P.M., and the Sunday matinee begins at 2 P.M. These four performances are the only ones for this production. Tickets are $13 for adults and $12 for students and senior citizens. Tickets are now available at Beam Sound and Video in Three Rivers. Phone Rodney at (269)279-6251. Tickets will also be available at the door, but if you are a regular patron at the Players’ Theatre, you are aware that advance ticket purchase is always recommended. Live theatre is alive and well here in Three Rivers. Attend a performance and witness the talent that abounds here in St. Joseph County.

Fall can’t be too far away when you start hearing about high school football games. The Three Rivers High School Wildcats have been practicing their skills, plus spending a lot of time indoors going over plays and strategies for the last month or so. Thursday, August 26, they officially open their season against Allegan here at Armstrong Field. They’ll play a total of nine regular season games, with the last game of the regular season against the Vicksburg Bulldogs in Vicksburg on October 22. The first two games will be played Thursday evenings, and then the usual Friday night games will resume for the remainder of the season. The Wildcats can always use the support of their fans, so it would be great if everyone could do their best to get out and cheer them on to victory. If you are unable attend a game, you can always set your radio dial to 97.1, WRCI-FM, and let Tim and Jason give you the play-by-play.

I come from a family of huggers. Some hugs are longer than others, so I guess the length of the hug would depend on how long it’s been since you’ve seen the person you are hugging. If I hug a guy, I usually start out with a firm handshake, followed by a quick hug. Leo Buscaglia lectured on the art and practice of hugging. Hugging is good for the soul and should be done more by everyone. If you are not a hugger, try hugging at least two people a day, not including your significant other when you leave for work each day. Remember, a hug is like a boomerang. You get it back right away.

I’m out and about every day, so I see a lot of people who work outside for a living. Working outside can be quite difficult, especially during the summer months. I have a couple of friends who deliver mail, and I always try to wave to them as I pass by. If I may, I’d like to offer a simple suggestion. If you know the approximate time your mail carrier comes by your home, you might consider offering her/him a cold glass of lemonade or iced tea. S/he might not accept your offer, especially if the last ten people on the route made the same offer, but I’m sure s/he’d appreciate the gesture. I know I would.

Good luck Wildcats, and I’ll see you Out and About.

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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