Out and About – Week of September 6th

Sometime last May, I mentioned that it is customary for gentlemen to wear white shoes after Memorial Day. Those of you under fifty years of age might not understand, but during the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day, it is quite fashionable for gentlemen to wear white shoes. Labor Day was yesterday, which means that summer is officially over and it’s time to put the white shoes away until next year. If you don’t care about being “cool”, then, by all means continue to wear the white shoes. Black knee-length socks complete the ensemble. As a fashion expert, I make a great plumber.

My father would be amazed to know that numbers fascinate me. He was a math teacher, and math was one of many subjects that were difficult for me to comprehend. Anyway, I find some numbers fascinating. For instance, if you were born in 1946 and stayed in school, you would have graduated in 1964. So, 46 and 64 were interchangeable. I can’t think of another example like this. What I’m leading up to is that this year, the Three Rivers High School class of 1940 is having their 70th anniversary of their graduating year. Also this year, the graduating class of 1970 is celebrating their 40th anniversary of their graduating year. The Wildcats from the class of 1970 will have their reunion during Homecoming Weekend in October. The Wildcats who graduated in 1940 will gather at the American Legion on South Main in Three Rivers September 25 around 12:30 P.M., and will celebrate and visit until they feel it’s time to call it a day. There are only about 30 classmates left, and this will probably be the final planned reunion for the class. After this, they’ll more than likely gather for lunch and rekindle the memories and friendships that they have shared for more than half a century.

You have until Sunday, October 17, to take in an array of new exhibits at the Carnegie Center for the Arts at 107 North Main Street in historic downtown Three Rivers. A few of the exhibits on display include “ The Visual Art of Love and Forgiveness”, carvings of two Santos collections from the New Mexico religious tradition, Susan Moran with silks and textiles, and Roy Van Loo, Jr. with nature photography. Carnegie Center hours are Tuesday through Friday, 10 A.M. to 5 P.M., and Saturday from 10 A.M. to 3 P.M. If you’d like more information regarding these or other exhibits on display, please call Carnegie Center Director Donna Grubbs at (269)273-8882. You may also visit the Carnegie website at www.trcarnegie.com for directions and more information.

For you hunters, the St. Joseph County Conservation Club is offering a Hunter Safety Education class October 21, 22, and 23 at the club located on Featherstone Road near Centreville. Upon successful completion of this class, students will be issued a certificate enabling them to obtain a hunting license for the upcoming hunting season. If you’re a hunting enthusiast, this class is one that you’ll want to be a part of, and the class is FREE. For more information about the class or how to register, please contact Charlie Reynolds at (269)273-7295.

Another family outing is coming up next Sunday, September 12. The St. Joe County Conservation Club will hold their annual Jubilee at the Conservation Club on Featherstone Road, east of Centreville. The fun begins at 9 A.M. and runs all day. There will be something for everyone, including trap and skeet, archery, and you’ll not want to miss a visit to the western town, where you can watch and even participate in the Cowboy Shoot. Of course there will be plenty of food, and gate prizes will be awarded all day. What a wonderful way to spend a day with the family out in nature. There is plenty of FREE parking and, of course, plenty of down-home hospitality.

See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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