Out and About – Week of November 1st

Growing up here in the fifties made for some wonderful memories, and if I were to go into that, I’m afraid I would use up more space than this column allows. Anyway, one of the favorite places to spend one’s money back then was at Daugherty’s Bakery. Bob Daugherty kneaded the business, and local patrons were more than happy to stop by and spend their dough. Bob had a secret recipe for the custard that was put inside his famous triangles. Many have tried to duplicate that recipe, and a few have come close, but the original recipe I’m sure is with Bob in the afterlife. Fear not, for there is a new pastry shop here in Three Rivers that does indeed have triangles. Hescott’s Bakery, 1170 West Michigan Avenue, has triangles that are filled with butter crème, not custard, and they are delicious. They are so good that if you stop in after 9 A.M., your chances of finding any triangles are slim to none. Fear not again, for there are plenty of other fine pastries to choose from, and they, of course, have Cappuccino, regular and decaf coffee, plus hot chocolate. Hescott’s has been open for a little over three weeks with some very convenient hours. Monday through Friday they are open from 4 A.M. until 4 P.M. Their Saturday hours are from 5 A.M. until 1 P.M., and they are closed on Sunday. Their pastries are baked at their other location in Sturgis, then brought fresh daily to Three Rivers. You may enjoy your purchase in their spacious dining area or take advantage of their take-out service. Stop in and welcome them to Wildcat country.

The United Methodist Church, 215 North Main Street, Three Rivers, reminds everyone of their upcoming Annual Harvest Dinner, which includes Swiss steak with all the fixings including homemade desserts. The dinner takes place at the church this Thursday, November 4, starting at 5:30 P.M. and continuing until the food is gone. The cost for adults is $8, $3.50 for children under 12, and if you’re under 3, your dinner is FREE. Following your delicious meal, as long as you’re already Out and About, make your way over to the Three Rivers High School Performing Arts Center and enjoy the Vocal Music Department’s annual fall concert at 7:00. Admission is FREE, and you’re sure to delight in the vocal offerings of these talented young people.

It’s always nice when a local person makes it to the big time. Sometimes a local person finds good fortune in athletics, or maybe even Hollywood. Three Rivers is fortunate to have author Deanna K. Klingel as one of its own. Deanna will be signing her recently published book “Just for the Moment: The Remarkable Gift of the Therapy Dog” at LA’s Coffee Cafe, 145 West Michigan Avenue in Three Rivers, Wednesday, November 10, from 1 to 4 P.M. Deanna was born and raised in Three Rivers, graduating with the class of 1961. She is the daughter of Willard and Arlien Kipker, who still reside here in town. She married her high school sweetheart Dave, Class of 1960, and they currently reside in the mountains of western North Carolina with two golden retrievers, who are certified therapy dogs. They also have seven children and ten grandchildren.

This FREE book signing is open to the public. It provides a perfect opportunity for former classmates to stop by and re-acquaint themselves with Deanna, and to check out her latest publication.

Today is definitely a day for celebration. I’m not talking about your favorite politician winning the election. I’m celebrating because we will no longer be subjected to those annoying political ads on television. I must locate a screwdriver so that I can open up our television set and clean out all that mud that has been slung over the past couple of months. As Jack Webb used to say on Dragnet, “Just give me the facts. Just the facts.”

To those of you who did manage to get out and vote, I commend you for doing what is right. If you were a slacker and didn’t vote, there’s not much I can say. Your mind is made up, and I shouldn’t try to confuse you with the facts. After all, this is America and you do have a choice.

See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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