Out and About – Week of November 8th

Hopefully, all of you remembered to set your clocks back one hour Saturday night before you went to bed. We should all be rested now, because we were able to get an extra hour’s worth of much needed sleep Saturday night.

Christmas is just a little over a month away. I know this because Christmas decorations and gift ideas are already on the store shelves. The firefighters of the Three Rivers Fire Department have been planning for the Christmas holiday since January 2010. On Christmas Eve, the firefighters will deliver gifts and food to some families in need, with hopes that their holiday will be merry and bright. Firefighters for Santa can use some help. Every year, the citizens of Three Rivers do their part by dropping off gifts, food, and money at the Three Rivers Fire Department and City Hall. The firefighters then put these donations together and, on Christmas Eve, they set out with one goal in mind. That goal is to brighten the lives of those less fortunate. It’s not too early to gather some food and gifts and take them to City Hall. A generous check made out to “Firefighters for Santa” makes the donation complete.

The Three Rivers Lions Club announces that their supply of gourmet nuts is in and available for purchase. These three-pound cans sell for $20 and may be purchased from any member of the Three Rivers Lions Club. They are regarded as “gourmet” because there aren’t any peanuts included, only cashews, pecans, almonds, etc. Even the pistachios are shell free. These tasty nuts make fantastic gifts and they are now available just in time for the holidays. If you have trouble locating a Lion member, please phone (269)506-2620, and we’ll see that your nutty appetite is satisfied.

This Thursday, November 11, is Veterans Day. This is one of the times throughout the year when we remember those men and women who have served bravely in the United States Armed Forces. When the opportunity presents itself, thank a veteran for serving. The gesture will be appreciated.

Do you play Cribbage, or have you ever thought that you might want to learn how to play this popular card game? The Three Rivers Senior Center has started a Cribbage group that meets every Wednesday at 1 P.M. Everyone is welcome to join this newly formed group to play or learn to play. If interested, phone the Senior Center at (269)279-8083 to sign up for the game.

The St. Joseph County Commission on Aging (COA) announces their Holiday Show and Dinner to be held at the Sturges-Young Auditorium on Tuesday, December 21, from 10:30 A.M. to 2:30 P.M. The reason for announcing this so early is because advance ticket purchase is required with NO REFUNDS. Tickets are $10 and may be purchased at the Commission on Aging or one of the Senior Centers in Three Rivers or Sturgis. Tickets are available for purchase through December 10. Dinner will be prepared by the Sturges-Young catering staff and will be served by students from Sturgis High School. Entertainment will be provided by vocalist Will Yancy. There will, of course, be door prizes and goodie bags. COA membership is required to attend.

Are you ready for winter? Now is the time to check out your snow blower. Make sure it starts easily and that all the bolts are properly tightened. If it’s warm enough, run your lawnmower in order to get the remaining gasoline out of it. If you keep gasoline in it the year round, make sure that it has the proper amount of Stabil or additive mixed in. With the time change last weekend, you should have changed the batteries in all of your smoke detectors. This is the time of the year when home fires occur. Most fires happen because of carelessness. Check your space heaters to insure that they are in proper working order, and make sure that your wall outlets are not overrun with too many plugs.

This is an interesting time of the year. We will soon move from autumn into winter and experiencing the change of seasons is more fun when you get Out and About.

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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