Out and About – Week of January 31st

Welcome to February. This is the shortest month of the year, so this month will pass even faster than the others. Every month has something special going on, and February is no exception. Valentine’s Day, Presidents Day, and nominations for the Lions Club Citizen of the Year are just a few things you’ll want to remember.

Valentine’s Day, February 14, is the time when to give special recognition to that special someone in our life, the one person we forgive for any shortcomings. Hallmark and our local florists love this day. Not to mention the recipient of that special card or gift.

Presidents Day is the day we set aside to remember Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. I’m pretty sure there is no mail and that the banks are closed. I’m interested in knowing where the ceremony is held to honor these Presidents. Perhaps we should chop down a cherry tree or just curl up by the fire and read a book on the art of being honest.

The Annual Lions Club Citizen of the Year banquet is coming up in a month or two. This means that it is now time to submit your nominations for the person, or persons, you consider to be worthy of this honor. Nominations should contain reasons why you feel this person should be honored. They should be mailed to Citizen of the Year Nominations, c/o Bruce Snook, 620 Pine Street, Three Rivers, Michigan 49093. You don’t want to wait, because nominations are due by February 15, which is two weeks from today. I’m sure you’ve probably already read about this, so please consider this as a reminder.

The St. Joseph Conservation District and I agree that spring can’t come soon enough. They will offer quality tree seedlings to county residents through their Annual Spring Tree Sale. They recommend submitting preorders to guarantee a timely delivery. The preorder deadline is March 31, 2011, so you should begin planning your order now. They invite you to visit the Conservation District’s website at www.stjoecountycd.com to view the product offerings. You may also download and print an order form. If you don’t have computer access, please call their office at (269)467-6336, extension 5. They will be happy to send you a Tree Sale brochure and order form.

I can’t think of anyone who enjoys going to the hospital. I can, however, think of a good reason to stop in for a non-medical visit. This past Sunday, the Artists Guild Show opened at TR Health in Three Rivers. If you were unable to attend the public reception that was held from 2 to 4 P.M., you missed the opportunity to meet and visit with the artists, view the art, and enjoy some light refreshments. Fear not, for this show will continue through March 30 in the front lobby and main corridors of Three Rivers Health. Not only may you view the artwork on display, but it is also available for purchase. The lobby at TR Health is picturesque and peaceful, and now with this artwork on display, it is definitely a sight to behold. Like so many attractions here in the Three Rivers area, this one is FREE.

Three Rivers Area Mentoring (TRAM) is one of those organizations that you just don’t hear much about. TRAM is made up of volunteers who give of their time to help those in need of mentoring. It’s a win-win deal. The mentees are given some much needed attention and the mentors receive that special feeling one gets from helping another. You actually have to do it, in order to feel it. TRAM will hold a “Dining to Donate” fundraiser at Applebee’s on Broadway, just west of US-131 in Three Rivers, on Monday, February 21, from 11 A.M. to midnight. During this time, 15% of your bill will be donated directly to TRAM. You’ll need to take with you a flyer, which you will present to your server. These brochures can be picked up at the TRAM office or Lowry’s Bookstore in historic downtown Three Rivers. Your support in this fundraiser will help keep TRAM on track.

See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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