Out and About – Week of April 4th

Good gravy! I’ve been doing this column for five years, which means that this column starts off my sixth year of trying to keep you readers informed of how to have fun by getting Out and About. It is definitely a labor of love. You’d think that I’d have run out of things to write about by now, but thanks to you folks, I always seem to have something to write about. Speaking of thanks, it has been my custom to publicly thank several people, every April, for making it possible to occupy some space on this website every Tuesday. I thank my wife for her editing talents. She always seems to know a better word to use, the proper place for a comma, and when to omit needless drivel. I thank Dennis Rumsey, the website’s owner, for giving me the space to express myself without ending up in the St. Joe County Jail. I thank those individuals who send me items of interest. They help make the column more interesting. Most of all, I thank you readers. If it were not for you, it would not be necessary to write this column. Your words of encouragement are always welcome and very much appreciated.

As I travel Out and About in the Three Rivers area, I see many interesting things. As a result, on occasion I have questions about what I’ve seen. I see a lot of people taking their dogs for a walk, and I also see some dogs taking their owners for a walk. The disturbing thing is that I also notice an occasional dog roaming a neighborhood unattended. I checked with Police Officer Roger Stanfill with hopes of having a few questions answered. Officer Stanfill was very helpful. He not only answered a few questions, but he also provided me with a list of regulations according to the Three Rivers City Code. Here are just a few rules and facts that dog owners might want to make note of, and adhere to them to avoid any chance meetings with Officer Stanfill:

If you are walking a dog off of your property, you will pickup any solid deposits that your dog might leave behind.

If your dog is tethered on your property, it must be tethered in such a way that it cannot travel beyond the sidewalk on your property.

If you are walking your dog, it must be leashed and under your control.

If your dog is running loose in your neighborhood, or out of your neighborhood, it might be picked up by the authorities and, if possible, returned to its owner. Upon delivery to the owner, the owner will be warned about the consequences of an incident like this happening again.

Officer Stanfill is very good at what he does. He takes his job very seriously, and wants to make sure that everyone’s rights are observed. If your dog is running loose and is a nuisance, then the dog owner is reponisble for the dog’s action. Officer Stanfill knows this, and now so do you.

The First United Methodist Church, 215 North Main Street in Three Rivers is preparing to celebrate their 175th Anniversary. The celebration will kickoff next Sunday, April 10, at the 10:30 A.M. service. Dr. Ross Tracy, a former member, will speak at this service. From this point on, several previous members and ministers will officiate on various Sunday services through October 9. A special reminder concerning services being held during the upcoming Easter season. Maundy Thursday service is scheduled for 7 P.M. at the church. A special Easter Sunrise Service on Sunday, April 24, will be held by the river at Riverside Cemetary, and then the regular Easter service will be held at the church at 10:30 A.M.

The Riviera Theatre, located in historic downtown Three Rivers has a full schedule of entertainment for the month of April. If you like ballet or opera, you won’t want to miss “The Magic Flute” on April 13 and 17, and “Coppelia on April 23 and 27. For a listing of times and other information, you may visit the Riviera’s website at www.trriviera.com, or call the Riviera at (269)278-8068.

See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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