Township’s Partnership Agreement

Nottawa Township’s Planning Commission on Tuesday accepted a partnership agreement with the Branch County Conservation District.

Commission members acted on the Prairie River Watershed Planning Project, which ensures stewardship of the Prairie River and its tributaries. Nottawa Township’s Board of Trustees already endorsed the plan, which became official Tuesday with the signature of planning commission chairman Jerry Loudenslager.

Rachel Smith, coordinator of the Prairie River Watershed Management Plan and an employee of the Branch County Conservation District, told commission members the two-part project starts with a written plan detailing areas of concern and sources of contamination. It is followed by implementation of the management-practice itself, Smith said.

The agreement will not cost Nottawa Township any money, as a $250,000 federal grant, administered through the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, will cover the planning portion of the task. An additional grant is to be secured and will help cover costs associated with implementing the management practice.

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