Lori Issues Statement

State Rep. Matt Lori has issued a statement on Gov. Rick Snyder’s budget message.

The Constantine-area legislator said he is encouraged that Michigan is headed in the right direction, thanks in part to a series of difficult choices elected officials have made in the past year.

Lori said legislators were fiscally responsible when finances were down, and they will continue to show restraint in the face of an improving economy.

St. Joseph County’s former sheriff said he remains committed to using taxpayer money where it will have the most effect in improving the lives of the state’s residents.

The governor’s main focus is job creation, but Lori said support for law enforcement, which in turn keep streets, neighborhoods and businesses safe.

Lori said he and his counterparts remain committed to reforming state government and spending practices to achieve long-term results, not just making one-time fixes that have no lasting impact, he said.

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