Dogs taken to Up-Cycled Pets

Seventeen dogs taken Friday from a Burr Oak Township residence have found temporary residence through a foster program called Up-Cycled Pets.

The Shih Tzu-Pomeranian mixes were voluntarily turned over to Up-Cycled Pets volunteers after the previous owner conceded she could no longer adequately care for the animals. The woman said she was no longer breeding the dogs for sale but also had not had them spayed or neutered.

The dogs were taken to a location in St. Joseph County where they were bathed and groomed. They are now in the process of being united with fosters and will eventually be available for adoption.

Lynda Molter, president of Up-Cycled Pets, said veterinarians examined the dogs on Monday and indicated the animals were in good health despite being kept in cages stacked inside the residence.

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