Gathering more info from staff

Mayor Tom Lowry and members of the Three Rivers City Commission agreed Tuesday to gather more input from municipal staff and its legal advisor before taking action relevant to an ongoing issue with the Three Rivers Public Library Board.

At the conclusion of Tuesday’s commission meeting, Commissioner Daryl Griffith said he remains open to the idea of removing library board president Sharon Rogers and possibly revoking the library’s lease. His comments stem from the library board’s January decision to evict Weenie Kings push-cart hotdog stand from the library parking lot.

Commissioners entertained the idea of renegotiating a five-year lease the city worked out with the library board in August. City attorney Pat O’Malley, however, said considering the magnitude of such a proposal, it might be best to revisit the matter in two weeks.

Lowry and commissioners accepted O’Malley’s suggestion, though Lowry concluded the discussion by saying the library board’s “iron will” on its decision makes him suspicious of its members.

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