Out and About – Week of April 9th

As a patron, it’s always nice to be reminded that your business is appreciated by the local merchants here in Three Rivers. Leslie Ann and Jerry Robbins seem to agree with me, because this Saturday, April 14, they are having a “Customer Appreciation Day” at L.A.’s Coffee Cafe, 145 West Michigan Avenue, Three Rivers. Besides offering a tempting menu, a cozy atmosphere, and reasonable prices, it is extremely important that their patrons feel welcome and appreciated. They invite everyone to stop by and “sample” their many selections of coffee, pastries, and other items that might tempt the palate. Just like the smiles and friendly greetings, the samples are FREE. The Saturday hours at L.A.’s are from 8 A.M. until 2 P.M.; Monday through Friday, they are open from 6 A.M. to 6 P.M.

The JOCO Center, 805 North Wood Street, Three Rivers, will host a blood drive Wednesday, April 18, from 11:30 A.M. until 5:15 P.M. The St. Joseph County Blood Bank is always in need of blood, so take advantage of this opportunity to help another in need of blood. Giving blood is FREE, and I’m sure you’ll even receive some juice as a token of appreciation.

This year’s Water Festival is still in the planning stage, and the committees still could use some volunteers to help out. The Water Festival is the biggest event of the summer for Three Rivers. The dates this year are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, June 14-16. If you love the many activities that are available, why not be a part of the action? As in past years, parade staging volunteers are always needed. For information on how you can help out, call Deb at the Chamber office. Her phone number is (269)278-8193.

How’s your blood pressure? Do you sometimes feel stressed out? Are your health costs out of control? If any of these questions caught your eye, you might seriously consider getting a pet. By a pet, I mean a dog or a cat. Having a goldfish might not help relieve some of that stress. The unique bond we share with our pets dramatically enriches our lives, our physical health, and our emotional well-being. Studies have shown that, while we are taking care of our pets, our pets are taking care of us. As a matter of fact, pets help to lower blood pressure, reduce stress, prevent heart disease, fight depression, and assist in keeping health care costs down. Many nursing homes have a pet dog or cat that roams the facility visiting the residents. They give love and ask for little in return. A cat’s love can be more subtle than a dog’s. Unlike dogs, cats usually won’t shower you with sloppy kisses, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love you. Cats will let you know where you stand, and petting a purring cat in your lap is a quiet pleasure that can make your day. There are many cats and dogs available for adoption at Animal Control in Centreville.

The Riviera Theatre is a venue that offers much more than the usual current releases from Paramount, Warner Brothers, and Disney. Oh, they do have movies, but they are different from the ones you’ll see at most movie theaters. Most need English subtitles, which usually means that you really need to pay attention to what’s being projected on the High Definition screen. The Riviera also offers a nice selection of ballet and opera. RIGOLETTO is a good example. This Italian opera, with English subtitles, can be seen Sunday, April 22 at 3 P.M., and again Tuesday, April 24 at 6 P.M. This opera runs about 170 minutes, and has one intermission. The cost is $16.

If live musical entertainment is more up your alley, then you’ll want to purchase tickets to see Peppino D’Agostino. This internationally famous guitarist will perform at the Riviera Friday, April 27, at 7:30 P.M. You have the option of purchasing your tickets in advance for $12, or you may get them at the door for $15. For more information on what’s happening at the Riviera Theatre, visit their website at www.trriviera.com. You may also phone them at (269)278-8068.

Remember, when you’re out bicycling, stay in the street and ride in the same direction as the traffic. If you’re walking in the street, walk against oncoming traffic. Either way, be safe in the streets.

See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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