Sturgis High School to get iPads

Sturgis High School is preparing its students – and their parents – for a technology advance in the 2012-13 academic year, when all high school students will be provided an iPad to use for the school year.

Sessions staged Tuesday and Wednesday this week collectively drew more than 100 parents, who were given more information about security features that will be built into the iPads, programs that will be included to benefit students and their academics, and a general overview of the many features offered by the notebook device.

District officials also discussed policies about the iPads and their use, focusing on details about if a device is broken, misplaced or stolen.

The district is spending more than $600,000 to purchase the iPads for high school students in all grades. Sturgis Bank and Trust is providing more than $30,000 in funding to purchase protective covers for the iPads.

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