Price increase for the state passport

Michigan’s two-year old Recreation Passport is getting its first price increase. The Department of Natural Resources says that effective January 2, 2013 the purchase price will change from $10 to $11. The Passport is required for vehicles entering Michigan’s state parks, recreation areas and forest campgrounds. The increase is based on a requirement built into the 2010 legislation that created the Recreation Passport that says the purchase price must keep pace with inflation. This year, the state treasurer determined the price increase is $1. DNR officials say residents who purchase the Recreation Passport through the Secretary of State’s office when renewing their license plate registrations get immediate access to the Passport Perks rewards program offering discounts on goods and services at more than 1,100 local businesses. DNR Parks and Recreation Chief Ron Olson says in some cases, it’s possible for residents to save enough money on Perks purchases to cover the price of the Recreation Passport, as well as the cost of their license plate fees.  (MRN)

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