Mental Health Board meeting

Members of St. Joseph County’s Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Board took a few moments Tuesday discussing the significance of services for people with mental-health needs.

During the board’s monthly meeting in Centreville, Executive Director Liz O‘Dell said while gun control is a popular discussion stemming from last week’s shooting rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut, the matter also underscores how adequate treatment for people with mental-health needs is crucial.

Connecticut authorities have said the suspect in the shooting case may have been suffering from a form of mental illness.

Meanwhile, CMH officials were told a local school district contracted the services of a counselor to be on hand when students returned to classes Monday, the first school day after last Friday’s shootings. Lynelle Thrasher, CMH director of children’s services, did not name the school or whether any students sought the services of a counselor.

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