Out and About – Week of December 31st

This will be my last column for 2012. I’m taking the rest of the year off. How many times do you think you’ll hear that today? Everybody wants to be a comedian, including yours truly. I try to be funny, or clever, and this column gives me an outlet to do that sometimes.

2012 has been a pretty good year so far. I’m still vertical and I have a heartbeat. My wife spoiled me at Christmas, our cat still relinquishes my chair when I walk through the door, and my snow blower started right up, just when I needed it. Life is beautiful!

We went about 300 days between snow falls. As of this writing, the ground is covered in white. My wife is elated. I’m sure we’ll see more stormy weather, so it might be a good idea to remind everyone of a few important things to consider when you get behind the wheel of that 2000-pound machine known as your automobile:

If it’s raining or snowing, turn on your headlights. You might be able to see just fine, but can others see you?

If your car is covered with snow, clear ALL of your car windows.

Never let your vehicle’s fuel tank get below half. Condensation in your fuel tank can mess you up.

Watch your speed. Allow extra space for braking.

Drive defensively all of the time. Some drivers are busy on their phone and don’t have the time to pay attention. Someday there will be a law, and there will be enough police officers to enforce it.

Click it, or ticket. The choice is yours. Always wear your seatbelt. $65 is a lot of money.

I’ve put the soapbox away for this year. Now on to more interesting things to share with you.

This Thursday, January 3, the American Red Cross will hold a blood drive at Three Rivers Health, 701 South Health Parkway, Three Rivers, from 2 till 6:45PM. It’s a perfect way to start out 2013. This might be something to add to your list of New Year’s Resolutions.

Michigan Works, 16587 Enterprise Drive, Three Rivers, will host their first workshop of 2013 this Friday, January 4, from 8:30AM to 1PM. This workshop, “National Career Readiness Certification”, will be held every Friday during January.

Not to be outdone, Glen Oaks Community College will host a Distance Learning open house next Monday, January 7, from 6 to 8PM. The unique thing about it is that you don’t even have to go to the college to participate. Just go to www.glenoaks.edu, scroll down to the Distance Learning Open House link, and learn what it’s all about. How easy is that?

We all can use more exercise. The problem is finding the time to do it. The Commission on Aging (COA) might have the answer, if you’re suffering from arthritis. The COA is hosting an Arthritis Exercise Class every Monday at 5:30PM, and every Tuesday and Thursday at 3:30PM, through the end of January. The cost is only $3, which is worth easing the pain. The Commission on Aging is located at 103 South Douglas, in Three Rivers.

I’d like to thank everyone for spending a few minutes every week with me during this year. I look forward to sharing the good news with you in 2013, along with keeping you up to date on what’s going on in and around Three Rivers. It won’t be long before news of Water Festival 2013 is available, and I’ll do my best to keep you informed.

I wish everyone a very Happy New Year. If you are planning to celebrate tonight, do so sensibly. If you drink, please don’t drive. If you’re the designated driver, watch out for Goofy. He’s out there and he doesn’t care at all about you.

See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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