St. Joe attractive for retirement

A proposal to market St. Joseph County as an attractive retirement option for residents in Chicago and its suburban communities was explained during a presentation Thursday.

Addressing a crowd of about 40 people – comprised primarily of city, village and township leaders from throughout the county – St. Joseph County Commissioner Don Eaton explained details of a potential marketing agreement with Holland-based 2 Fish Company LLC.

He said the area’s appeal of its lakes, rivers, golf courses and small towns would be highlighted in promotional materials prepared by 2 Fish.

Though the potential cost to partner with 2 Fish has not yet been established, it’s likely the funds to support what would be a three-year marketing campaign are to come from the county’s Delinquent Tax-Collection Fund, Eaton said.

Eaton said the purpose of Thursday’s meeting at the St. Joseph County Intermediate School District was to keep local elected officials abreast of the proposal and seek their backing of the concept.

The county stands to gain from the tax dollars and commerce generated as a result of Baby Boomers who may choose to retire in St. Joseph County, Eaton said.

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