Update – Fatal fire in Kalamazoo

A court has removed a 4-year-old girl from the custody of a mother who left her home alone with three younger siblings who died when a fire swept through their low-income apartment in Kalamazoo. Police say that 3-year-old twins Tevin and Ty’nitha Williams and their 1-year-old sister Tyonna Henderson were killed in Monday’s fire. The Michigan Department of Human Services says that Jonetta Woods and Fred Glespie were responsible for the four children but had left them alone. MLive DOT com says a Kalamazoo County family court referee granted the department’s request that it remove Drayanna O’Day from Woods’ custody. The mother is allowed supervised visits. Another hearing is set March 19th. The state agency says Woods also left Drayanna home alone in 2009, when she was one.  (AP)

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