iPads for Narcotics Unit

Members of the St. Joseph County Board of Commissioners Tuesday authorized $11,000 toward the purchase of nine iPads.

Five officials from the prosecutor’s office and four representatives from the St. Joseph County Area Narcotics unit will receive an iPad for business use.

Prosecutor John McDonough said the devices will be used as a part of undercover investigations, general and trial presentations, and a number of other law-enforcement-related functions.

McDonough said narcotics officers don’t have patrol cars and, consequently, don’t have computer hookups.

Each iPad costs $929, but additional expense come from nine cases with wireless keyboards, an Apple Care protection plan extended warranty, two Apple TV connectors and a $300 allocation to purchase aps relevant to the work prosecutor’s office officials and SCAN members will conduct with the devices.

McDonough said he expects to have the iPads in hand by the end of the week.

The funds to cover the expense will come from the sheriff department’s drug-forfeiture fund, which has a balance approaching $100,000.

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