Out and About – Week of April 15th

A little over two weeks ago, we celebrated Easter. We thought we’d try something a little different and have Easter dinner with relatives at Gun Lake Casino, south of Grand Rapids. I was surprised to find out that the casino was open on such a holy day, but it was, and from what I gathered, a bunch of people had gone to church early, because the establishment was not hurting for business.

Anyway, we had a delicious ham dinner, which included mashed potatoes, carrots, and a dinner roll. The open-face meatloaf looked good, but it was Easter, so we opted for the traditional ham.

After dinner, we strolled through the casino. I was surprised to see patrons smoking. Evidently the casinos are not under the law of “No Smoking in Public Places”. I’m sure I would have had that issue explained to me, if I had asked.

Now, I lived and worked in Las Vegas for around two years, prior to returning home to Three Rivers, so I’ve been in a few casinos. Besides the Gun Lake Casino, I’ve been to one other, and that was in St. Ignace. Casinos have changed over the years, or perhaps it’s just that the casinos in Las Vegas are different from the others owned by Native Americans. I just don’t understand the slot machines. I’m used to playing the Video Blackjack, or Video Poker. I didn’t see any of those up north. The machines now deal with different symbols and characters. It doesn’t require any skill to play the slots, in my mind. It all deals with chance. Playing the Blackjack Tables does require some skill and concentration. The secret is playing with the knowledge that you are going to lose. As we used to say, “Las Vegas didn’t become the attraction that it is, by losing money.”

Please don’t think that I’m talking down Gun Lake, because we did have a good time, and it was fun to watch the patrons spend their social security. I just hope that the Native American owners are making a profit and that they aren’t giving the U.S. Government more than they deserve. Oops! Who brought that soapbox in here?

I love parades! I get choked up watching a marching band pass by. When the fire trucks appear, I get goose bumps, because I have so much respect for the firefighters and public safety personnel. I even thank the Auxiliary Police officers directing traffic along the parade route. Whenever I see an aerial flyover during a parade, I get weak in the knees. Let me get to the point here. Water Festival happens over Fathers’ Day weekend in June. The theme this year is “TR’s Wild West”, and the fun begins with the parade on Thursday evening, June 13, with a 7 PM step-off. Those interested in being a part of the parade should make sure they have the Parade Entry Form filled out and turned in by Friday, May 17. Forms may be picked up at the Three Rivers Area Chamber of Commerce office, 57 North Main Street, in historic downtown Three Rivers. I must thank my buddy Dean for this reminder.

If you enjoy a good murder mystery, and if you enjoy a satisfying dinner, then here’s something you might want to consider attending. Three Rivers Eagles #2303 will host a murder mystery dinner this Saturday, April 20, at their lodge, located at 715 East Hoffman Street, on the east side of Three Rivers. Dinner starts at 5PM and lasts until it’s gone. If you are wondering what’s on the menu, you must remember that it’s a mystery dinner, so you’ll just have to go and find out. Everything is pretty much a mystery, except for the fact that you will meet Marilyn Monroe, George Burns, Bruce Lee, and even Elvis. Sounds like an exciting evening to me. If this frightens you, take a friend with you. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. This is open to the public.

Here’s something that you probably didn’t know. Because of the speed at which Earth moves around the Sun, it is impossible for a solar eclipse to last more than 7 minutes and 58 seconds.

See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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