Out and About – Week of May 27th

About a month ago, I made a couple of changes in my column. I decided to make the column a bit more personal. I did this by sharing some of my experiences, with hopes that some readers might have experienced some of the same. Every so often, I throw in a few trivial things that might be helpful hints or something that would cause a few readers to chuckle or say, “Hmmmm”. I moved away from using the column as a free form of publicity for yard sales and spaghetti dinner fundraisers.

Recently I’ve talked with some readers and have found out that they have missed some community events because they didn’t know anything about them until they were historical. I had no idea that people depended on this column to make them aware of upcoming events. What should I do? Beginning June 4, the first Tuesday of the month, I’d like to devote part of the column to those special events that might interest the entire community of Three Rivers. The Water Festival is such an event. Everyone knows about it, even those who don’t read the paper. That same weekend, which is also Father’s Day weekend, we used to have Dawn Patrol out at the Three Rivers Airport. I haven’t heard anything about that happening this year, but if someone would let me know, I’d be happy to mention it here. It’s up to the local Pilots Association as to whether or not Dawn Patrol will happen this year. Anyway, I’d like to try this the first Tuesday of every month and see how it goes.

The current topic of many a conversation is the disaster in Moore, Oklahoma. The tornado that hit that area showed no mercy and came without much warning. People here in Michigan are wondering what they can do to help. A fellow Lion Governor has informed me that a group of Lions in her district is gathering needed supplies and will take them to Oklahoma and then stay and help out in any way needed. The area needs many supplies, and they also need money. Within a day of the disaster, Lions Clubs International made sure that the people of Moore had $100,000 to help with getting everyone back on their feet. You didn’t hear about it through the media, though, because Lions Clubs International doesn’t do things that way. Lions Clubs International doesn’t have to send people into the area, because we’re already living and working there.

I’m sure many of you wonder what you might do to help. If you’d really like to help, you might consider writing a check. Whether it would be for $10 or $100, every penny adds up and will help in a very significant way. Make the check payable to: Lions District 3H of LCI. In the memo section of the check, write “Disaster Relief”. Mail the check to Lion Michael D. Banks, Treasurer, District 3H, 215 West McElroy Road, Suite 4, Stillwater, Oklahoma 74075. You may also send a check made payable to Lions Clubs International Foundation. Again, in the memo section write “Disaster Relief”. Mail the check to Lions Clubs International, 300 22nd Street, Oak Brook, Illinois 60521-8842. This is a very easy way to help those in need.

I didn’t mean to devote two paragraphs to the tornado disaster, but I, too, wondered what I could do to help. One of the first things that came to my mind was to use this column to inform others what we could all do. Americans are always the first to come to the aid of others, whether they are in the United States or not. It’s unfortunate, but true, that we will probably not receive any help from anyone but ourselves.

The month of May is drawing to a close, and next Saturday is the first of June. Light and Life Wesleyan Church, 15765 Hoffman Road, directly across from the UAW Hall, will welcome the month of June by holding its annual Yard and Bake Sale. From 9 AM to 3 PM, you’ll have the opportunity to find that special item you’ve been seeking while, at the same time, purchasing some delicious home-cooked and baked items for your dining pleasure. Leave your plastic at home, because they’ll only accept cash.

Give this some thought over this week: Nine out of every ten living things live in the ocean.

See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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