Out and About – Week of May 6th

We have experienced eighty degree temperatures, I’ve mowed our lawn, the tree outside my office window is in full bloom, and my Gator is my main mode of transportation around town, so it must be springtime in Michigan. This is probably my favorite season of the year, because the days of high humidity haven’t arrived yet. It won’t be long before someone starts complaining about the heat.

Sunday is Mother’s Day. You still have time to order flowers, make dinner reservations, or plan something special for the lady who gave you life. Mothers have changed over the years. My mother didn’t have any tattoos, her dress attire was usually a house dress and apron, and if I misbehaved, she didn’t hesitate to give me a swat on my backside. She could do that without fear of me calling the police. One thing that hasn’t changed is that Mothers like to know that they are appreciated and loved. That’s why there is a Mother’s Day. It’s been said that every day should be Mother’s Day. I can’t find anything wrong with that. If your mother is still living, make sure she knows that she has not been forgotten, and remind her how much you appreciate her giving you life.

I love ice cream. It’s my favorite dessert. It’s a fact that if you eat ice cream standing up, the fat won’t go to your stomach. Your big toe might get larger, but that’s all you need to worry about. Anyway, as a kid, we used to go to Lee’s Drive-In, at the corner of West Michigan Avenue and Lincoln Avenue, right here in Three Rivers. It was great, but if you wanted “real” ice cream, Miller’s had it all. Miller’s was located right downtown, and it was a popular place to see or be seen.

Today, you can still get ice cream when you’re Out and About. Real ice cream might be harder to find now that Goldie’s is closed, but LA’s Coffee Cafe just received some new flavors and I’ve sampled a few of them. That’s right, I said sampled. Stop in sometime and look through their display case. You can get an ice cream cone, or a cup, and it’s real ice cream, not soft-serve.

We’re into the second week of May already. The 57th Annual Water Festival is next month, so if you’re planning to be in the Water Festival parade, you have until May 17 to get yourself registered. The Parade date is Thursday, June 13, with a 7 PM step-off. If we have stormy weather, the parade will be Friday, June 14. Parade registration forms may be picked up at the TR Area Chamber of Commerce office, 57 North Main Street, in historical downtown Three Rivers. The theme for this year’s Water Festival is “TR’s Wild West”, so dust off your cowboy boots and ten-gallon hat, and get ready to have some fun.

This coming weekend is a busy one. Besides celebrating Mother’s Day, it’s also Prom Weekend, a special time for our high school students and a special time also for the parents of prom goers. A lot of pictures will be taken and a lot of trust will be given to the boys doing the driving. Parents, please let your kids know that you wish them a good time and that you trust them to use good judgment.

I’ll close this week with six helpful hints to make your life easier. Please feel free to share these with your friends, especially if they work for you.

Remove crayon marks from TV or computer screen with WD-40. It also works on walls.

Store bed linen inside one of their pillowcases. It means no hunting for a match.

Baby powder gets sand off your skin. Take it with you to the beach.

When you pack a suitcase, store shoes inside hotel shower caps for no rubbing on clothes.

Create a window box veggie patch using guttering.

Use egg cartons to separate and store Christmas decorations (This should have been already).

See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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