Gasoline – The price is up again!

Sticker shock at the gas pump this week for Michigan motorists. Gas prices in the state jumped 22 cents since last week and are now averaging almost $4.10 a gallon. Triple A Michigan says the current statewide average is nearly 47 cents higher than at this same time last year. The average statewide price on Sunday was $4.06 per gallon – the first time the state has cracked the $4.00 per gallon mark since September 18, 2012, when the average price was $4.00. Among the cities it surveys, the Auto Club says the lowest price in the state was found in the Marquette area at just under $4.03 cents a gallon. The highest was in the Grand Rapids/Muskegon/Three Rivers area at slightly more than $4.14 per gallon. Dearborn-based ‘Triple A Michigan’ surveys two-thousand-800 Michigan gas stations daily. ¬†Among Michigan’s major metropolitan areas, four-dollars-two-point-seven cents in Marquette, four-dollars-six-point-four cents in Metro Detroit, four-dollars-seven-point-two cents in Traverse City, four-dollars-nine-point-eight cents in Benton Harbor, four-dollars-11-point-seven cents in Ann Arbor, four-dollars-11-point-nine cents in Saginaw/Bay City, four-dollars-13-point-six cents in Flint, four-dollars-13-point-eight cents in Lansing/East Lansing and Jackson and a statewide high of four-dollars-14-point-two cents in Grand Rapids/Muskegon. ¬†(MRN)

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