Out and About – Week of June 3rd

With the passing of Memorial Day, we are officially into summer. Although summer doesn’t officially begin until June 22, the gentlemen may now wear their white shoes and the ladies may wear whatever they usually wear, without fear of embarrassment. Please don’t accuse me of slamming the ladies, but I really am not aware of what the style is for summer. I know that I am most comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt. I’m at the age where dressing in style doesn’t bother me that much.

Anyway, summer is here, and it’s the time of the year when families gather for a reunion. I’m not sure how many families still do reunions anymore. Everyone seems to have interests outside the family unit. I mean, how many families have dinner or supper together anymore? With fast-food available, it’s too easy just to grab something out. Back in the day, there was no such thing as fast-food. McDonald’s and Burger King hadn’t been invented yet, so families spent more time at the evening dinner table. There aren’t too many children anymore who say, “May I be excused from the dinner table?” I’m afraid I’ve slipped off my original train of thought. I’m curious to know how many families get together at least once a year for an old fashioned family reunion. Better yet, how many family members stay in touch with other family members?

About two or three years ago, my siblings and I started a “weekly update”. Every weekend, we e-mail each other and bring everyone up-to-date on what’s going on in our lives. We all live in Michigan and I even have a sister who lives right here in town. I’m guilty of not seeing my sister as often as I should. She lives within walking distance, but my walking over to her house requires a lot of effort on my part. I do stop in occasionally, but she has a busy life, so at times it is difficult for us to connect. I’ll try to improve on this, because once I’m there, it’s difficult to leave, because we have so much to talk about. This same sister had a significant birthday back in February. The four of us siblings were planning to get together someplace for lunch so that we could celebrate this milestone in my sister’s life. We have finally decided that something has to be done this month. When we do get together, we’ll spend at least a few minutes discussing why we waited so long. My Mom would be very unhappy with us for not spending more time together. We would all receive a well-deserved scolding. Sorry, Mom.

It’s hard to imagine that Water Festival is next week. Please make sure that you set aside some time from Thursday, June 13, through Saturday, June 15, for Water Festival. The Water Festival Committee has already put in for an order of sunny days and temperatures in the seventies.

It’s rumored that Dawn Patrol will be back on Sunday, June 16. This is also Fathers’ Day, so make sure that your father is not forgotten. I might suggest that you treat your father to breakfast out at the airport, and maybe even an airplane ride. There’s usually a few vintage aircraft on display, so you’ll want to take along your camera.

If you’re wondering where the list of coming attractions are in the column, I’ve changed my mind a bit. Oh, I’ll still mention some of the big events coming down the pike, such as Water Festival, but I really plan to get Out and About, and I’d rather share some of those experiences with you.

You don’t find too many hotels or motels that provide free shower caps for their patrons anymore. If you happen upon one, please feel free to take that shower cap home with you. These shower caps can be used for other things than just keeping your hair dry. One way to use these tokens of appreciation is to place them over your shoes when traveling. It keeps your other clothing clean, should you pack your shoes in the suitcase. They also make wonderful food storage covers, or use them to cover dishes that you take to a potluck dinner. They can be rinsed and reused more than once.

A final hint to close out this week’s column. If you’re a tea drinker and heat your water in a tea kettle, just put in enough water for the cups of tea you plan to drink at one time. If you put in more water, you’re just wasting water and precious energy.

See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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