Out and About – Week of August 19th

I remember going to school with a boy who was diabetic. I really felt sorry for him, because he had to have insulin shots every day. Like most children, I dreaded the times in grade school when we had to be immunized. I’m pretty sure that back then they didn’t use disposable syringes, so it was to one’s advantage to be one of the first in line for “THE SHOT”. I had the utmost respect for Gerald, because he had to have a shot every day. By the time I was discharged from the Army, getting a shot was no longer a big deal.

Back then, polio was the big disease. Diabetes was there, but not in the spotlight. I’m sure many people died from diabetes, the same way that people passed from the effects of sleep apnea. I have sleep apnea, and I’m diabetic, but I’m taking the necessary precautions to protect myself from passing earlier than I’d like. I’ve found it interesting to discover how many friends are in the same boat as I am. We take care of ourselves, but don’t make it the topic of conversation.

It was discovered recently that, because my blood sugars are too high, I must now give myself a shot every morning. I’m fortunate, because if I take better care of myself, I’ll be able to go back to just taking the pills. If you’re out there, Gerald, I still have a lot of respect for you, and for all you diabetics out there. Let’s continue to fight this disease, one shot at a time.

We usually end our TV viewing with the Channel Three News at Eleven. Someday, I’ll learn to turn the TV off before the news, because I always end up depressed. The weather report is probably the most depressing. They will mention the fact that we have been experiencing some great weather, but the bad weather is just around the corner. If the temperatures have been fantastic, we’re reminded that in three days we’ll have hot and humid weather. I think we’ve had some great weather-days, perfect for getting Out and About. We probably won’t appreciate these great days, until we have three days of rain. Am I losing my mind, or what? I’ve just devoted a whole paragraph to the weather. I must change my train of thought, because I’m really getting depressed, and that’s not a good thing.

I don’t know where the time has gone, but summertime is almost over. The summer, as a season, still has plenty of time left, but school starts two weeks from today. This was first brought to my attention, when I started seeing these ads on TV talking about purchasing school supplies for the returning students. In watching these ads, I sometimes have flashbacks of those times, when my mom would get me a new box of Crayolas. I always ended up with the smaller selection of colors. Red still is my favorite color. I finally received the jumbo box for my high school graduation gift.

The American Red Cross will sponsor a blood drive Wednesday, August 21, from 11:30 AM until 5:15 PM. The site is JoCo Hall, 805 Wood Street in Three Rivers. Kudos to those who take the time to donate blood. There’s always a need for blood donors, and I’ll continue to try and keep you informed whenever a blood drive is coming up.

I occasionally remind everyone about the abundance of talent that is right here in the Three Rivers area. Whether it’s a play at the Community Players’ Theatre, a band concert at the Three Rivers High School Performing Arts Center, or a special exhibit at the Carnegie Center for the Arts, we don’t need to travel to Kalamazoo for culture. It’s right here in our own neighborhood.

“Five Fabulous Females and Their Art” is a perfect example of local talent. Through Friday, September 27, their paintings will be on display at the Three Rivers Community Center, 103 South Douglas Avenue in Three Rivers. The Five Fabulous Females include, Roxanne Barry, Christine Hartzell, Karen Hay, Joan Hector, and Christi Misner. These ladies invite you to share their passion for the community, with over forty paintings, including local landscapes, lakes, flora, and fauna, from realistic to abstract. There will be an open house Saturday, September 21, and I’ll mention that in a week or so.

See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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