Out and About – Week of August 26th

Next Monday, September 2, is Labor Day. Some of you may travel up to the Mackinac Bridge for the annual bridge walk. Others, like me, will prefer to stay home and off the dangerous highways. Be assured that you don’t need to head north to walk a bridge. The Three Rivers Woman’s Club will host their Third Annual Historic Three Rivers Labor Day Bridge Walk right here in Three Rivers. The starting site is Scidmore Park, and the walk will cover many of the bridges located within the city.. The festivities will run from 9 AM until noon. Take the family, meet your friends at the park, and enjoy baked goods and hot dog treats from the Weenie King. This event is FREE, but donations will be gratefully accepted. All donations will be given to the TR Trail System. You may register for the walk that day at the park or online at www.threeriverswomansclub.wordpress.com.

If travel plans are on your schedule, please be safe and drive defensively. There are a lot of drivers who love to multi-task. Not only are they busy driving, but they must use their cell phone to keep from getting bored. They couldn’t care less about you and your family.

Every neighborhood has an extra set of eyes, and this person probably doesn’t reside there. Six days a week they are on patrol, and they notice things and probably know more about your neighborhood than you. Your local postal carrier knows when you are away on vacation, and s/he can usually tell when something just isn’t right. If someone were to ask her/him where someone lives, they would be able to tell them, but with extreme caution, because your privacy is very important. If you are planning to travel for an extended period of time, let your postal carrier know. Your mail can be held, and the carrier would probably keep an eye out for any suspicious activity around your home. Your carrier is someone you should always keep in mind. A cool glass of lemonade would be quite tasty during the dog-days of August, and a card or a cookie would be appreciated over the Christmas holiday.

It’s hard to believe that football season starts in just a week or so. This also means that the Three Rivers High School Marching Band will delight fans during half-time performances at Armstrong Field. Just as the football players have been practicing, so has the marching band. “Band Camp” is somewhat like “Football Camp”, but instead of running plays, the band is learning to perform various formations, while marching in unison. This means that everyone takes a step forward at the same time. Drill, drill, drill, and, once you think you’ve perfected it, you drill some more. Band Camp is not easy. You start early in the morning and practice until late in the afternoon. One might ask why these students put themselves through this exercise. The answer is simple. They do this for the love of music, and for the Wildcat spirit. Their only pay is the applause they receive after performing at a football game.

Whenever I attend a home game at Armstrong Field, I anxiously await the first sighting of the band entering the track on the east side of the field. At first, you might only hear the drum beating as they march north on the track. The beating of the drum keeps the band members in step. As the band makes the final turn on the track and heads south past the home team’s bleachers, the members start playing the Wildcat Fight Song. The crowd welcomes the band with a tremendous round of applause and a standing ovation. The band director is nowhere to be seen. There is no need for a director at this time, because the band has been drilled to perfection, and they know how to bring forth the Wildcat Spirit. If you doubt my word, you might want to check out the trophy cases in the hallway of Three Rivers High School. As I’ve mentioned many times, there’s a lot of talent and spirit right here in the Three Rivers area. It’s only right that we get Out and About and support that spirit.

Don’t forget HarmonyFest. Next Sunday, September 1, beginning at 1 PM, downtown Main Street will be alive with the sound of music. All you need to do is take a lawn chair or two and make yourself comfortable in the street. There will be plenty of refreshment vendors for your taste buds and plenty of music for your listening pleasure. Fireworks will bedazzle the sky later. Enjoy the weekend!

See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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