Power outages

High demand for electricity caused power outages two consecutive days in White Pigeon this week.

Officials from Indiana Michigan Power said the unseasonably hot weather, coupled with two area power lines being out of service for maintenance, combined to cause a short outage Monday afternoon and a seven-hour outage starting around 1 p.m. Tuesday.

IMP’s Sarah Bodner said demand for electric service couldn’t be met and the company was directed by its parent company to cut power to White Pigeon. Eliminating power to the village reduced enough volume of electricity for the existing infrastructure to handle at that time.

Bodner said it was unfortunate White Pigeon happened to be the closest large-volume consumer to the power-line worksites.

Anticipating another outage Wednesday, White Pigeon Community Schools dismissed students at noon and a number of businesses maintained a skeleton crew or kept employees in stand-by mode.

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