Out and About – Week of September 23rd

Here is a reminder to Commission on Aging (COA) riders that, effective Tuesday, October 1, the St. Joseph County Transportation Authority (CTA) will handle your van rides. The only noticeable change is in phone numbers. Instead of calling the COA for a ride, you’ll need to call the County Transportation Authority (CTA). The CTA’s number is 269-273-7808, or you may call the toll-free number, 1-800-964-5700. The days of service for COA passengers will remain Monday through Friday. The cost will remain a suggested monetary donation.

This Saturday and Sunday, September 28 and 29, the First Presbyterian Church of Three Rivers/Centreville, 320 North Main Street, Three Rivers, invites everyone to join them in their 175th Anniversary Celebration. The celebrating begins on Saturday with a church open house and a party in the park, from 11 AM until 2 PM. Tours of the church and displays of historic documents and artifacts will be available for viewing. Plenty of games and activities will also be available, and the Gratitude Steel Band will provide the music. For refreshments, you may have some tasty ice cream, and the Weenie King will be on site for you hot dog lovers. On Sunday, September 29, everyone is welcome to attend the 10 AM worship service. Reverend Brenda Deily, Reverend John Best, and Reverend Raafat L. Zaki will lead the worship service. Also in attendance will be former pastors of the church. There will be a Celebratory Lunch immediately following the worship service.

My wife and I spend a lot of time together, mostly in the evening. We each have our own daytime errands, so we aren’t together 24/7. I’ve never understood how couples could do that without getting on each other’s nerves. Giving each other space is very important. We attend a lot of meetings together, so the ride home gives us time to process the meeting’s topics. Anyway, there are times when one of us is out, while the other remains at home. I’m not sure what she does while I’m away. I do know that she enjoys the solitude, and when I do arrive home, she is always interested as to how things went at the meeting, or whatever the occasion.

When she spends an evening out, I usually take advantage of the opportunity to watch Seinfeld, M*A*S*H, or some movie, of which I know the entire dialogue. I usually end up doing this until I fall asleep in my recliner. This upsets me, because I’ve wasted valuable time that could have been used channel-surfing.

About every other month, my wife gathers with several of her high school friends for fun and conversation. She always takes a special treat to pass and says that she will try to bring back whatever is left over. I never realized the appetites women have when they get together. My biggest concern is that she has a good time. I do miss her while she’s out and I try to have my snacking done before I hear the sound of the garage door going up, signaling her return.

It’s great that classes get together for reunions. My class gathers about once a year for a birthday party. Oh, we still do reunions; as a matter of fact, we celebrated our fiftieth in 2012. This year we’ll gather for a fish fry, which will serve as a time to reflect on the good old days, when if you got in trouble in school, the punishment there was nothing compared to what you’d receive, upon returning home. I’d like to think that the graduates of today would look forward to gathering as a class every so often after graduation.

Did you know?

If you stop getting thirsty, you need to drink more water. When a human body is dehydrated, its thirst mechanism shuts off.

Peanut oil is used for cooking in submarines because it doesn’t cause smoke unless it’s heated above 450F.

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Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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