Out and About – Week of October 14th

My father used to ask for my help from time to time. I really became needed during my high school years, when I was usually busy working a part-time job or hanging out with my buddies. I generally made it to the end of the driveway, before I’d hear, “Norman, come here. I need your help.” He really didn’t need my help, but he wanted me to help him a little, so that I’d learn something that would benefit me later on in my life. I learned to change my own oil in the car, change spark plugs, how to use and care for a paint brush, and how to sharpen the blade on a lawn mower. I remember hearing him say more than once, “The more you can do on your own, the less money you’ll have to pay someone else to do the job for you.” I didn’t think so at the time, but my dad was pretty smart. I wonder how many moms and dads take the time to show their children how to handle the simpler tasks. Nowadays, if there is a problem with the computer, it’s the parents who seek help from their children.

One thing my dad never taught me was how to use a power sprayer. I don’t know if they even had them back in the fifties. I’ve used one briefly to clean the siding of a building, but recently I’ve used one to handle a major task.

We have a back and front deck on our house. The decks were there before I came on the scene, so I never paid that much attention to them. They are nice to have, especially during that time of the year when you can sit outside. Anyway, I noticed that the decks were starting to show a lot of weathering, and upon consulting with one of our neighbors, I was made aware that if I didn’t take some action, the decks would crumble and have to be replaced. That would involve spending a lot of money. For a few dollars less, I could power spray the decks and put some new sealer on them. This would be a nice project that could be accomplished in no more than two or three afternoons. As of this writing, I am now into my fourth afternoon and I’m still power spraying. I borrowed a power sprayer from my buddy Jim, and he assured me that there was no rush in getting the sprayer back to him. I enjoy using the power sprayer, and I’m pretty sure I’ll see the purchase of one on a credit card statement someday.

Autumn is probably the most colorful and festive season. The change of colors and the noticeable change of temperatures make fall a season to appreciate. We don’t need to shovel show yet, and the lawn has seen its last mowing. The raking of leaves can be fun for the kids, because after the leaves are raked, they make great piles to jump into. I miss those days when we could burn the leaves. The aroma was pure Autumn. This past weekend we were able to enjoy the Annual Fall Color Tour. It’s another reason to get Out and About and enjoy the colors and smells of fall.

Another fall tradition has been the Annual Harvest Dinner put on by the First United Methodist Church of Three Rivers. Located at 215 North Main Street, in Three Rivers, the dinner is scheduled for this Thursday, October 17, beginning at 5:30 PM. The menu consists of Swiss steak, baked potatoes, squash, and of course, their famous desserts. Delicious homemade pies will be available for purchase, while they last. We’ve attended this dinner in the past, so I strongly advise everyone to arrive early, because seating is limited, and the food will make you think that your mother is working in the kitchen. The cost for the dinner is $9 for adults, $5 for those twelve and under, and if you have children under the age of three, they may eat for FREE.

The travel season is coming to a close, but the eastern states have the real fall colors. If you are thinking of traveling out east for the colors, and are flying out, then renting a car, you might seriously consider reserving a cheaper compact car with better fuel efficiency. Compacts aren’t popular, and rental companies fill their lots with bigger cars: If they run out of compacts, you might get a free upgrade.

See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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