Road needs to be rebuilt

A township official in St. Joseph County has asked the county’s board of commissioners for financial help to rebuild a portion of a major north-south roadway in Florence Township.

During Tuesday’s St. Joseph County Board of Commissioners meeting, Florence Township Supervisor Gordon Evilsizor said the deteriorating condition of Constantine Road is a concern that needs attention.

Evilsizor said the three-mile stretch between Dickinson and Featherstone roads is especially bad and not safe to drive on. Meanwhile, the northern portion between Featherstone and Fairchild roads is only slightly better, but not by much, he added.

Evilsizor said people tend to drive in the middle of the road, as the west and east edges of the roadway are too bumpy from repeated patching attempts.

Board chairman John Dobberteen said the five-member board can talk about the issue in the future. The board’s next Executive Committee meeting is Oct. 11.

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