Federal grant announced

A federal grant announced earlier this month will benefit St. Joseph County residents who are without insurance or considered underinsured.

Officials from the Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services of St. Joseph County said the $812,000 award will fund the first 15 months of a new, county health center. An annual renewal of $650,000 will be made available in February 2015.

The grant allows CMHSAS to set up a Federally Qualified Health Center that will be known as the St. Joseph County Health Center.

O’Dell said the health center, which will open March 1, will be available to the public, though fees will be adjusted to meet payment ability.

During Tuesday’s CMHSAS meeting, Lynn Dobberteen was hired as executive director of the St. Joseph County Health Center.

Dobberteen, wife of St. Joseph County Board of Commissioners Chairman John Dobberteen, is currently the human resource and payroll specialist for CMHSAS.

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