Yup! I am turning 40

A milestone is described as a “significant event or stage in the life, progress, development, or the like of a person, nation, etc.”

Last December, I wrote an article regarding my milestone birthday of 39. The age of 39 has been, for lack of a better word, a special age for me. My mom was 39 years old when she passed away from cancer back in 1978.

Many of us use our parent’s age of death as a watermark for our own lives and with my mom passing away at such an early age, my siblings and I had that age in the back of our minds…until we passed it.

In a few short weeks I will turn the BIG 4-0.

My sister-in-law, with whom I share an identical birthday with, sent me a link to an article titled “40 Signs you’re Almost 40”. (And by identical, I mean we were born on the same day, same year and in the same hospital)

Some of the items I could relate too, others made me laugh and some made me think. Lucky for me, some did not apply, but I know that it does not make me any younger, regardless. I picked a few of them to comment on.

“Your favorite bands from high school now play on Classic Rock stations.” For me, the answer is both yes and no. Some of my favorite bands were already on the Classic Rock station back in the day and they still are! But my music varies so many of my favorite bands were not “rock” bands, so they are played on other music stations.

“Your favorite TV shows play on Nick at Nite”. Obviously this is true. But thanks to cable, they just aren’t on Nick at Nite, they are on a variety of stations. Even better is that some shows are on several channels at the same time!

“You still have a CD collection”. You bet I do! For years my wife has asked me trim my collection, and I have, but I still have many CD’s. I do not use an i-pod or purchase music on-line; I am just not that hip. I still listen to the radio or CD’s in my car and do not subscribe to XM or SIRIUS radio.

“You have not purchased a CD by a new artist in years”. That is true. We have purchased a few CD’s for our daughter’s, however, but none for ourselves. I cannot remember the last time I purchased one for myself.

“You bought your first pair of over the counter reading glasses”. NO! I have worn glasses since I was in the sixth grade. I tried contacts once and just didn’t like it. I guess my next obstacle may be bifocals, but for now, my eyes and glasses suit me just fine!

“Your shoe selection has become more and more sensible”. I do not think I am there yet. I do wear my “comfy shoes” around the house and rarely wear tennis shoes anymore. If I find a pair of shoes that I like, I wear them until they are declared a Federal disaster area. I wear what shoe best fits my feet regardless of style or name brand!

“You increasingly enjoy playing the game “remember when”. Now this one is a total YUP! I am told I have a great memory about things that happened years ago, so I play this card all the time. I feel like I am a walking encyclopedia on events that happened long ago.

“You don’t really understand how to watch MTV anymore”. This one is totally true. MTV stands for music television, yet they never play music.

“You’re now older than every player on your favorite baseball team”. All the current Detroit Tigers are younger than me, but the new manager is older, so that helps.

“You go around the house turning off all the lights”. Guilty. I have two young daughters. They always leave the lights on!

“Waitresses and waiters card you to get a good tip and not because you don’t look over 21”. Yea, this never happens. I guess I just look too cheap as I never seem to get carded!

“Sitting has become preferable to basically any other activity in life”. Oh yes, there are days when this is the case. Give me my recliner, remote control and laptop and I am in heaven!

Turning 40 is defiantly not a “mid-life crisis” moment for me, but I do realize that I am getting older and I look forward to whatever adventures I have yet to take! I just may move a little slower as I do them!

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