Resell that concert ticket

It would be legal to re-sell game or concert tickets above face value, under a measure approved by the Michigan House on Thursday. Current law prohibits selling above face value without the written consent of the event operator and the venue operator. The measure, which now goes to the senate, repeals that 1931 law, and opens the door to what many critics call “scalping.” There is no federal law against selling above face value. Free market groups support the bill. House Republican Tim Kelly of Saginaw Township, the sponsor, says once you buy a ticket, you should be able to re-sell it at any price you like. Venue operators, and artists like Kid Rock, have opposed the measure. And at least one artists management company told lawmakers last month that some performers won’t come to Michigan if the bill becomes law. Supporters of the current law have also said that it protects consumers by prohibiting exorbitant prices for tickets that were originally bought up in huge blocks by scalpers.  (MRN)

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