Out and About – Week of June 2nd

We are now in June, which means that the chances of snow are slim, even though this is Michigan, and we all know what the weather can do in the “Water Wonderland”. You may now put away the snow blower for at least three months. Just think, in eighteen more days, the days will start getting shorter. I don’t think I’m ready for that.

Water Festival happens next week. If you are unaware of this, I’m interested in knowing where the cave is that you’ve been living in. The highlight of Festival for me is the parade on Thursday evening, or, if it rains, on Friday evening. Speaking of rain, if it rains Saturday evening, the fireworks will be Sunday evening. Back to the parade. There are fifty entries for the parade, and it will begin, as always, at the intersection of Douglas Avenue and West Michigan Avenue. It will run east to Main Street, then head north and end at Lafayette Park by Ruth Hoppin School. Please remember to watch your children and make sure they stay on the curb of the street. Do not allow them to run out into the parade route to retrieve candy. This is how accidents happen and children get hurt.

I haven’t mentioned the Carnegie Center for the Arts for quite some time. Director Donna Grubbs assures me that the Carnegie is open and active for all to enjoy. The big attractions now are the works of Fiber Artists, the West Michigan Glass Art Center, plus an individual show by Don Marek. I won’t take the time to describe these exhibits, but will strongly suggest that you stop in and check them out for yourself. These exhibits will be on display from June 8 through August 9, with an opening reception on Sunday, June 8, from 2 to 4 PM. The Carnegie Gallery hours are Tuesday through Friday from 10 AM to 5 PM and Saturdays from 10 AM to 2 PM. I’ve been very fortunate to be able to stop by the Carnegie and have caught Donna Grubbs when she wasn’t too busy. She’s a very interesting person with an endless wealth of knowledge about the Carnegie. Another nice person to know.

The Carnegie Center is located at 107 North Main Street, in historic downtown Three Rivers. Should you have any questions, you may call Donna at 269-273-8882, or visit the Carnegie’s website at www.trcarnegie.com. The Carnegie Center for the Arts is another family attraction that is FREE.

It was a little over a year ago that my wife had neck surgery. During her time of recovery, I was able to do things that I normally don’t do. For the first time, we went grocery shopping together. We continue do this about every week. She’s a fantastic shopper, a talent she learned from her father, who did all the grocery shopping for the family, while my wife was growing up. I appreciate how much effort goes into shopping for a family of two. I’m sorry; I mean a family of three. I forgot about our cat. Gone are the days when a family of three can survive on fifty dollars a week for groceries.

Our roles are about to reverse. Sometime after the middle of July, I’ll undergo back surgery. Hopefully, this will mean that I can eventually get rid of the cane. Anyway, after surgery, I’ll have a few restrictions that I must adhere to seriously for about six weeks. No bending at the waist. If I turn sideways, I must turn my entire body, and no lifting any more than ten pounds. If you happen to see the two of us at the grocery store, I’ll be the one in the motorized cart. Life is good!

There’s nothing quite like the taste of fresh vegetables that have never seen the inside of a truck. In other words, fresh home-grown veggies are the best. Unless you have your own garden, the best place to shop for fresh vegetables is the Farmers’ Market, located in Scidmore Park, with their entrance off West Michigan Avenue. The Farmers’ Market is open every Thursday from 1 to 6 PM through Labor Day. Vegetables are not the only thing available at the market. Local artists have some of their works on display also. Probably the best thing to do is to stop by and check everything out for yourself. You’ll be amazed as to what you find, plus you’ll have the satisfaction in knowing that your money is being spent locally, which is a deal in itself. There’s plenty of free parking and an abundance of smiling faces just waiting to make your visit one to remember.

See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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