Snow, snow snow.

With the amount of snow that has fallen so far this winter, the piles of snow that line our roads, driveways and sidewalks has grown from small hills into impressive mountains. Some of those heaps of snow actually towering over the people and vehicles that they surround.

After one of our many snow storms, I actually stopped shoveling the driveway to marvel (and maybe cry a little on the inside) at how high the snow banks were getting. At first, it was amazing to me that the mounds of snow were taller than my four year old. Then they eclipsed my seven-year old.

And while they are not quite as tall as me…yet…shoveling the driveway has become more of a workout than I ever anticipated.

Instead of just tossing snow up on the piles, I now have to hike it up and over because of the height of the snow.

Back when we first bought our house in 2004, a co-worker of my wife’s had a riding lawn mower for sale. Being that our house is on two lots and the yard is the biggest in the neighborhood, why not purchase the riding mower, right?

We did purchase it and then ended up giving it to my father-in-law several weeks later. I wanted a push mower. I grew up using a push mower and that is how you mowed a yard, in my mind. Besides, it would be one of my few sources of exercise, so why not buy one of those instead.

I have had a push mower ever since. And no, I do not question my decision whatsoever.

Later that same year, one of my co-workers informed me that they had a snow blower for sale. I bought it. Snow can be pretty wicked at times, especially the wet and heavy kind, so I liked knowing I had a snow blower in case I needed one.

Winter came and went and I never used it. Believe it or not, I opted to shovel, rather than use the snow blower as again, this is all I knew. Interesting or just plain crazy?

We gave it to my sister-in-law the next year. She has put the machine to good use, especially this year!

One of our old neighbors always asked me if I wanted him to plow out the driveway. Every time my answer would be “no thank you”.

I told him that I did not mind shoveling, and I don’t! Funny thing is, one year; our daycare provider’s husband happened to be in the neighborhood after a particularly heavy snowfall and plowed our drive, without even asking or being asked. They are just those kind of people! When my neighbor saw this, I can only imagine what was going through his mind.

Last Wednesday, upon returning home from school, there was a man cleaning out our neighbor’s driveway. After we were settled inside, I looked out the window and he was doing OUR driveway. A few minutes passed and I decided to go outside and see what was going on.

The man told me that he felt bad because as he was plowing out the other driveway, he was throwing snow into our yard and thought he would help us out a little.

Thanking him, I did mention that the snow didn’t really matter, we can’t escape it! What a nice gesture from a total stranger.

And no, I still do not want a snow blower!

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