Recount will be requested

More than two weeks after the elections, the Democratic candidate for the 20th District State Senate seat State Representative Sean McCann of Kalamazoo says he will request a recount. The results of the election showed McCann losing to Republican State Representative Margaret O’Brien of Portage by a small margin. The Kalamazoo County Board of Canvassers says their count showed O’Brien won by 59 votes out of more than 80-thousand that were cast. McCann notes that is a razor-thin margin of victory at seven-hundredths of a percent. He added that comments from his supporters over the last two weeks prompted him to ask for a recount. O’Brien says she is confident any recount would confirm her as the winner. The Board of State Canvassers will meet on Monday to certify the statewide election results. McCann’s campaign said a formal recount petition will be submitted shortly thereafter to begin the recount process.  (MRN)

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