Fawn River Township properties approved for transfer into city of Sturgis

Seven property parcels in Fawn River Township have been approved for conditional transfer into the city of Sturgis, based on development agreements inked by the two jurisdictions in 1999 and 2006.
Property owned by Roger and Carol Olds at 28204 Fawn River Road, and Evelyn Steffey and Elenora Emerson, at 28246 Fawn River Road, all located between Lakeview Road and Franks Avenue, will become part of the city. The transfer was part of a 1999 agreement that mandated the transfer after 15 years.
A separate 2006 transfer agreement between the city and Fawn River Township said certain township property would go into the city in the event of a future ownership change. Officials said that has occurred, allowing the city to exercise a transfer of property owned by Adam and Sarah Sayler, 28132 U.S. 12, and several parcels located on Arthur Street, north of West Street, owned by Sturgis Bank and Trust.

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