Michigan House approves land-acquisition plans

The Michigan House recently approved funding for Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund projects, including a pair of land-acquisition plans in Cass and St. Joseph counties.
The Stewart Lake and Dowagiac Creek projects are among 69 land-acquisition and recreational-development projects totaling $24.7 million, according to state Rep. Aaron Miller.
Miller said the local projects will be a boost to enthusiasts of recreational opportunities.
One project involves the acquisition of a 137-acre parcel that includes lake frontage on the west, south and east sides of Stewart Lake. The $504,800 purchase will provide for habitat conservation and restoration, as well as a swimming and fishing destination for St. Joseph County residents and visitors.
The project will open access to an entire lake that had previously been closed to the public.
The second project involves the purchase of a 120-acre parcel with 5,500 feet of frontage on Dowagiac Creek, a popular trout stream stocked annually by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.
The measure now goes to the Senate for consideration.

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