Centreville – Some decisions to make

In light of Mendon Community Schools voting Monday to not renew the contract of Superintendent Rob Kuhlman for the 2015-16 academic year, Centreville Public Schools will have some decisions to make.

Mark Trowbridge, president of the Centreville Board of Education, said the district’s position will be a topic of conversation at its 6:30 p.m. board meeting Monday.

The neighboring districts have employed Kuhlman since the 2010-11 school year in a shared-superintendent arrangement. All costs for Kuhlman’s services – a package for salary and benefits totaling more than $160,000 this year – have been divided evenly.

Trowbridge said Centreville’s board late last year agreed to a one-year contract extension with Kuhlman. However, a mutually supported agreement to extend the position of shared superintendent – without specifying who that person will be – appears to now be a moot point in light of Mendon’s vote Monday.

Trowbridge, who said he has no problem with the manner in which Kuhlman is leading Centreville, said he intends to lay out the district’s options and hopes with input from the board, a plan will be adopted.

Trowbridge said he has no reason to think Kuhlman won’t at least be open to negotiating with Centreville’s school board regarding his role with the 840-student district. Working with Kuhlman and offering an appropriate single-district salary, he said, is more appealing than spending the time and money it would take to bring in someone new.

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