Mendon – No contract renewal for Superintendent

By a 4-3 margin, members of the Mendon Community Schools Board of Education voted Monday to not renew the contract of Superintendent Rob Kuhlman.

Board members Keith Heitkamp, Lynn Cool, Chris Ames and Regina Schinker opted against renewing Kuhlman’s contract; the measure was supported by Roger Cupp, Linda Thompson and board president Jim Fassett.

Mendon school officials a month ago agreed to renew its contract with Centreville to extend the agreement for sharing the services of superintendent, maintenance supervisor, food-service director and business manager through the 2015-16 academic year.

The board, however, declined to vote at that time on extending his contract another year.

Board members with Centreville Public Schools last fall approved a one-year renewal of the shared-services position of superintendent and furthermore endorsed a personal contract to keep Kuhlman in that capacity through the 2015-16 school year.

Kuhlman, 58, previously served as principal of Vicksburg High School before he was tapped to step into what was and remains an unprecedented school role in St. Joseph County.

Mendon and Centreville equally share Kuhlman’s salary. With benefits, the expense is $161,510 in all. Mendon’s board of education last month learned the district has saved more than $226,000 over the past five years by virtue of sharing Kuhlman with Centreville.

Fassett said he was pleased with the value the 620-student district was receiving with Kuhlman.

The board also voted Monday by a 5-2 margin to renew the contract of high school principal Mark Kramer for one year.

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