New tool for collecting delinquent child-support

St. Joseph County Friend of the Court would like to remind the public that it has started using the so-called Denver Boot as a manner of collecting delinquent child-support obligations.
The vehicle-immobilization device has been available to the agency for two years but was introduced for the first time over the winter on two separate occasions, according to Friend of the Court administrator William Thistlethwaite.
On both occasions when the boot was used this winter, the vehicle owners called Friend of the Court and made necessary payment arrangements within an hour.
Thistlethwaite said the boot is a last resort and employed only after a hearing is conducted. At that time, the individual is told that if payments are not made, the boot is an option.
If the person fails to attend the court hearing, a bench warrant for their arrest is ordered.
Friend of the Court warrant officer Jim Holten attempts to contact people who have warrants and if a person eludes Holten in any way, using the boot is considered.

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